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Fuvest Among Us (Jan 2021) All About Fuvest Among Us!

Fuvest Among Us (Jan 2021) All About Fuvest Among Us! >> This post tells you about an entrance examination that’s gaining popularity because of some popular game and social media questions.

Fuvest Among Us has become a popular and trendy search query. Users are looking up this term on several search engines to get information about it. It has also become a widespread discussion on several online forums and Fuvest discussion blogs and chats. 

Users are curious to find out why this term has suddenly gained so much popularity. If you’re among these users looking to obtain information relevant to this term, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll reveal all the crucial and vital information about it.

It’s gaining popularity in Brazil and some other countries. Please keep reading this article if you want to obtain all the other crucial details. It’s best not to skip anything to get all the information. 

What is Fuvest?

To understand about Fuvest Among Us, firstly let us learn about Fuvest.

Fuvest was held on this Sunday afternoon. If you’re unfamiliar or have never heard of it, then let us help you. Fuvest is a nationwide entrance test held for admission to the University of São Paulo. There had been concerns regarding this exam due to the ongoing pandemic for some time now.

People were worried if students in Brazil appearing in the exam will be safe as there’ll be an enormous number of students appearing in the test. Finally, this test was held with optimum security measures.

Students were asked to bring their blue ballpoint pen, and masks were necessary to take part in the exam. Students were notified that failure to obey the safety protocols would result in disqualification from the exam. Sources reveal that the exams were conducted safely without any inconvenience.

Some Statistics About Fuvest 2021

  • Sources reveal that no student was prevented from appearing in the exam.
  • Over 130,000 students registered for this test, of which over 17,000 didn’t appear in the test.
  • The test consisted of ninety questions, including Fuvest Among Us and others, based on the high school syllabus.
  • More students were absent this year compared to the last.
  • Nearly 8,240 seats are vacant for students appearing in this test.

What is Fuvest Among Us? 

  • In the entrance test of Fuvest, some questions related to the popular online game Among Us appeared.
  • It also had a question about the popular social media platform, TikTok.
  • Questions related to these two topics made it a hit among the youth and led to its popularity.
  • The appearance of these questions on the test has made it popular and trendy.

What did Experts Think of the Test?

  • The experts called it a reasonably challenging and traditional exam.
  • Some teachers weren’t pleased with the absence of questions regarding the ongoing pandemic and the Coronavirus.
  • The exam also had several questions on current affairs and social issues.

Final Verdict

Fuvest is held annually for students seeking admission to the University of São Paulo. This year, the exam gained a lot of popularity online due to its inclusion of questions related to the popular online game, Among Us and the social media platform, TikTok.

Let us know what you think of Fuvest Among Us in the comments.

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