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Gaffe Wordle {May} Interesting Answer To Current Puzzle!

The article determines how to solve the puzzles and provides the clues to crack easily, and players can easily get the Gaffe Wordle.

Do you find the solution for the Quordle 112? Did you get the solution in limited attempts? It’s tricky to solve the Quordle, and here provided a few hints to solve the puzzles? Did you search for any hints to provide the solution? 

 Players from various countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and India enthusiastically solve Gaffe Wordle’s puzzles and try to get the data.

What do you mean, Gaffe?

The word Gaffe means “The definition of a gaffe is an embarrassing mistake you make or something you say that makes you uncomfortable.”. A few other words also have to be found by the players, and below are a few hints or clues. 

  • The starting letters for four words are C, F, and B, and the last is G.
  • For the 1st word: The word represents the country’s name in South Asia.
  • For the 2nd Word: Try thinking about faded.
  • For the 3rd Word:  Get the other name for Shinny.

Few more clues on Gaffe Definition

  • For the 4th word:  The word’s meaning is nothing but an Error.
  • The extra clue is: In the 4th word, one consonant is repeated.

Expected that these clues and the hints to solve the Quordle are helpful to find the answer that players are seeking. No worries if the clues are insufficient and the player is about to lose the game. 

Quordle 112 solutions

Below are the answers to the puzzle, and the four words of the day were:

  • China
  • Faint
  • Boney
  • Gaffe

The answers to the puzzle and the definition of the Gaffe for Gaffe Wordle are also mentioned. Aside from the unusual “F” and “G” consonants, “GAFFE” is the most difficult of the four words because it lacks many rhymes, and it also has a double “F”. The “FAINT” hint might help the players figure out what goes in the empty slot, but one likely gets to “-AINT” without having a clue since several letters may fit. The answer to both words is likely to require a few more guesses. “BONEY” doesn’t make things any easier either with “Y” and “B,” as well as the “-ONEY,” which could lead to incorrect guesses for “H,” “P,” or “M.”

Gaffe Wordle

Quordle can be played for free on the official website! The words need to be correctly guessed within nine attempts. The colour of the tiles indicates whether or not you have guessed the correct five-letter word(s) correctly. Approximately where a letter is placed in Quordle is indicated by a green letter. Correct letters with yellow ink are not fully correct, placement issue is there.


As per the investigation, it is found that the Quordle is the advanced version of the wordle where the players have to find four words of the day within the nine attempts based on the colour of the tile’s indication. Play the game online to know more about the Gaffe Wordle.

Are you interested in gathering more clues to clarify the puzzle? Then make sure that you posted your views in the below-mentioned comment box.

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