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Gamestop Pokemon Arceus Pre Order Bonus {Jan} Game Zone!

The below article explores on availing process and place of Gamestop Pokemon Arceus Pre Order Bonus.

Do you like playing Pokemon? Are you preparing for a new kind of magnificent Pokémon adventure in Pokémon Legends? Have you heard of Arceus? It is a brand-new game from Game Freak that combines action and exploration with the Pokémon series’ RPG roots.

Many people from different regions, including Canada and the United States, are looking forward to the complete insight on the Gamestop Pokemon Arceus Pre Order Bonus

Scroll down the below headers to get a complete exploration for Pokemon Arceus.

About the Game

The players are set back to long ago, in harmony where it was tough for humans and Pokemon to live together in close connection. 

Earlier, this natural region was known as Sinnoh (a well-known name by all), now the region is called Hisui Region. Coronet’s mountain rises from the center, and this region explores all the different atmospheres on all sides. 

Scroll down to explore on the Gamestop Pokemon Arceus Pre Order Bonus.

Where and How to buy the game?

You can avail of the game version either from Retailers or from Digital platforms. If you avail the game before 9th May 2022, you also will be getting pre-order bonus. 

Follow the below steps to avail the pre-order bonus.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on where to Buy.
  • Scroll down to Retailer or to Digital Version.
  • Click on Available Now.
  • Go through all the Pop –up details and then tap continue.

Further continue with the given procedure as per the selection.

Gamestop Pokemon Arceus Pre Order Bonus: About Early Purchase

The special bonus you will get on pre-order is Fox Mask (Baneful Fox Mask) and Kimono Set (Hisuiam Growlithe Kimono Set).

The pre-order bonus has already been released on 28th January 2020, but do not be panic as still is is not delayed if you haven’t availed it. As the pre-order bonus is still continue till 9th May, 2022. 

So, avail it before the offer will get end up.

Rates for Getting Pokemon Arceus Pre Order Bonus

The cost is available as follows.

  • Physical copies are available at the price of 30 heavy balls, 
  • The amount of $55 has been paid for publishing, in order to get the Kimono set as Gamestop Pokemon Arceus Pre Order Bonus

About Linguistic Options

If you’re a fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, preordering through Play Asia will get you a unique collector Arceus card. 

The unique card picturing Arceus in the skies of the Hisuian area is a must-have for any card collector.

If you stay in North America or some other non-Japanese nation, preserve in thoughts that your reproduction of Pokémon Legends: Arceus could be in Japanese as a result.

The Last Words

Wrapping up an article, we can say that the Gamestop Pokemon Arceus Pre Order Bonus, can availed easily and has been released on 28th Jan 2022, but you can easily avail these till 9th May 2022, as per the official website.

In addition, check the official portal for more information on Arceus preorder bonuses.

Have you ever played Pokemon Go? Please share your favorite move with us in the comments.

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