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Gardenbelles Traveling Closet {Sep} Check Out For More!

This article describes an ecological artist and her enthusiastic efforts to promote compostable fashion products. Read more on Gardenbelles Traveling Closet.

Are you someone interested in sustainable fashion products? Do you like to promote eco-friendly products? If yes, you might have heard about this ecological artist and her works to promote a sustainable environment by selling the bohemian and vintage clothing she finds while traveling. All her products are recyclable.

Supporters of sustainable environmental products across the United States purchase and promote these products to create environmental awareness among the people. Continue reading this article to understand more about Gardenbelles Traveling Closet.

About Lauren Gardenbelle

She is an educator and ecological artist involved in the investigation of sustainable environments and related activities. Her prime focus is on finding compostable materials, and she sells those fashion products with the help of her Instagram account.

She brought an old bus and renovated it according to her convenience. Apart from the bed frame and shower, everything else inside the bus is old and used materials, which helped Lauren to reduce the renovation expenses to a great extent. She also inspires her students and followers to live a different lifestyle.

Gardenbelles Traveling Closet

  • The traveling closet contains eco-friendly products such as shoulder bags, backpacks, necklaces, jackets, skirts, pants, etc.
  • All the items on their online portal, laurengardenbelle.com, are environmentally friendly products made of degradable materials.
  • Most of the products are recycled and handmade products she collected during her travels.
  • The product description includes the available size, material used, colors, and other product specifications.
  • The product pricing varies according to the material used, design, and demand of the products.
  • They provide worldwide shipping for all the products available on their website.

Inspiring Story

  • Their first step of creating Gardenbelles Traveling Closet involved the transformation of a bus into a livable vehicle.
  • Lauren and her partner Joe left their normal jobs to live the extraordinary life they dreamt of.
  • They used old and recycled products to renovate their bus, which only cost them around $ 16,000. They are now traveling on this new bus home with their four dogs.
  • All the work done to modify the bus was by the couple themselves. This process includes fixing the air vent on the rooftop, hot water shower, composting toilet, solar panels, and AC systems. Read more about Gardenbelles Traveling Closet.
  • They used minimal objects to renovate the bus and were done with the help of YouTube tutorials and online support from people who lead a similar bus life.
  • They used to split the work equally between themselves to reduce the work and save time. 


Usage of biodegradable products is very helpful for the environment, and those who produce and sell those products must be supported. To understand more on the topic discussed above, please visit this link.

Have you purchased any eco-friendly products recently? If yes, what was your reason behind those purchases? Kindly share your valuable feedback on Gardenbelles Traveling Closet.

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