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Geladeira Com Tablet Na Frente {July} Smart Features!

Read reviews about Geladeira Com Tablet NA Frente, a refrigerator series from Samsung that acts as a hub to connect family and friends.

With technological advancement, new concepts are coming up and giving rise to innovations. Regarding home appliances in Brazil, many kitchen gadgets are now connected to Wi-Fi, allowing users to control them remotely. 

But, as the number of such devices increases to make your home smarter, did you face issues controlling them using different means like Alexa, Google Assist, mobile apps, Etc? Let’s check details about Geladeira Com Tablet NA Frente.

Fridge With Tablet In Front:

Samsung, a leader in smartphone technology, has come up with a workable solution to make your home smarter and easy to control. Samsung introduced six models of refrigerators that featured a 21.5-inch touch screen tablet in the front door. 

The six models are part of the Samsung Family Hub™ series, including:

  1. Bespoke Four-Door French Door
  2. Four-Door French Door
  3. Bespoke Three-Door French Door
  4. Three-Door French Door
  5. Four-Door Flex
  6. Side-by-Side

Need for Family Hub:

Nowadays, staying connected with family and friends has become a necessity and hence considered in designing Geladeira Com Tablet NA Porta

We know that an individual spends a good amount of time on cell phones listening to music, watching films and videos, and socializing. Additionally, smart home gadgets such as robovacs, ACs, TVs, Etc., are controlled with smartphones and voice commands via Alexa and Google Assist.

But, what about the time when you spend most of your day in the kitchen. It is not possible to hold your smartphone all the time. Nor can the smartphone be placed safely on the kitchen counter as some hot/cold foodstuff may fall on it, making it unusable.

Features of Geladeira Com Tablet NA Frente:

Samsung has brought the features of the touch screen tablet by including it in the front door of Family Hub refrigerators. It aims at keeping you connected with family and friends while you are working in the kitchen. Like a smartphone, the Family Hub can connect to the internet. 

  • You can listen to music,
  • Access Spotify and other multimedia apps, 
  • Watch shows on Samsung TV Plus, 
  • Connect your smart home devices to be controlled via Family Hub, 
  • Share pictures,
  • Control kitchen appliances,
  • Plan your meals,
  • Check weather,
  • Access internet,
  • Access maps,
  • Use Google Assist and Alexa, Etc.

Though Geladeira Com Tablet NA Frente brings entertainment to the kitchen is a new concept, it is a breakthrough technology challenging competitors. With a tablet on the fridge’s front door, information and access controls are at your fingertips and easy to reach any time from the kitchen.


More than fifty YouTube and website reviews about Family Hub are positive. Several user reviews on the internet rated Family Hub between 3.5 to 4.5/5 stars. You can control the operations and cooling of the fridge with the tablet. However, negative reviews suggest overall poor features of the fridge, excluding its attractive design. The Family Hub is a legitimate product existing since 13th July 2020.

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