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{Uncensored} Gemma Owen Wrexham Age: Explore Details On Her Husband, And Gareth Owen Wife

What is Gemma Owen Wrexham Age? Who is her Husband? And know details about the Player, Gareth Owen Wife.

Do you know Gemma Owen Wrexham Age? Who is Gemma Owen? Why is Gemma trending on social media? Is there two Gemma Owen? Who is Gemma’s husband? People from the United Kingdom and the United States are confused about Gemma’s age. Let us research the topic well. Then, we will try to clear all the confusion through the facts. 

Gemma Owen Wrexham Age

Wrexham is a football team. Gemma Owen is the head of operations of the Under 19 women’s football team of Wrexham. She was born on 6 July 1983; thus, her age is 40 years currently. But people are still confused about her age.

There is another Gemma Owen, who is just 20 years old; she is a model and celebrity from a reality show. She took part in Love Island, and her name is also ‘Gemma Owen.’ One more confusing fact is that she is also connected to Wrexham. Her Ex-boyfriend is a player of the Wrexham club. It can be the probable reason behind the confusion.

Gemma Owen Wrexham Husband & Personal Details 

Gareth Owen is Gemma’s husband. Gareth is a former football player. He is now associated with the management of the Under 19 teams of Wrexham. He was a player at Wrexham. Gareth was a legendary midfielder of his time. 

Gemma signed with Wrexham Football Club on 1 November 2012. She has been praised many times for promoting the women’s football game. She also works as the assistant manager for the newly formed Under-19 teams. She is very supportive of the girls and plays her role to the best of her abilities. More details about Gemma are not provided on the internet.

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Gareth Owen Wrexham Wife

Gareth’s wife is Gemma Owen, who is also associated with Wrexham. She also assists her husband as the assistant manager of Under-19 teams (New). The contribution of Owen’s has been great. Gareth himself played for a long time for the club. 

Gareth was born on 21 October 1971 in Chester, England. But his country is mentioned as Wales. Gareth was selected to play for Wales as an Under-21 player. But he was unable to play any international match. An interesting fact is that there is one more Welsh football player named ‘Gareth David Owen.’ Thus, please do not confuse with him; he is much younger than Wrexham’s Gareth. 

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Gemma Owen Wrexham Husband & social media

Let us see details about their social media accounts. 

Gareth’s Twitter Account

In his Twitter bio, he mentioned that Gemma is his wife. He has a picture of his family as his cover picture. 

Gemma’s Twitter Account:

She has more than 5000 followers.

Gemma’s LinkedIn Account:

The Instagram accounts of Gareth and Gemma were not traceable. We found an Instagram account of Gemma Owen from Love Island. But we will not provide a link to it. Because she is not the person talked about in the article. 


Through this article, we have tried to clear the confusion on the topic of Gemma Owen Wrexham Age. We also displayed evidence of Gemma being Gareth Owen’s wife. And the Gemma from Love Island is different. Gemma Owen is a 40-year-old woman with 2 kids, and she is working with Wrexham. For more details about Gemma, click here.

Do you like Wrexham Football Club? Please mention in the comments the name of your favorite football club. 

Disclaimer: Do not get confused with Love Island’s Gemma Owen. In this article, we have talked about Wrexham’s operation head of the U-19 women’s team, Gemma Owen.

Reference Link: Gemma Owen Wrexham Age: Explore Full Information On Husband, And Gareth Wife

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