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Genshin Impact Divine Bridle {Jan 2022} How To Obtain It

This article provides all the details on obtaining the Genshin Impact Divine Bridle and the location of the stone’s offering.

Suppose you are interested in games and are ready to play them anytime. Are you the one who loves it? So, you reside in the United States, Germany, and Thailand. 

Are you a Hyperion’s Quest participant? Then, you won’t want to miss obtaining a divine bridle. As many players explored it, they found that this quest requires 3 Aberaku’s offerings, which ultimately make you see a strange rock formation, which makes people search: how to obtain Genshin Impact Divine Bridle?

You will get all the necessary information about the mentioned topic in this review article. So go ahead and give it a read.

About The Divine Bridle

It is a quest which one can obtain only after completing the world quest (Hyperion’s Dirge). After obtaining it, one can only use it in the world quest of Phaethon’s Syrtos.

Let us discuss the specification to understand it in detail.


  • It was released in the 2.4 version. 
  • How to obtainHyperion’s world quest.
  • Language – English 
  • Official Name – Divine Bridle
  • Description – Symbol (sun child’s authority), the shape of a bridle, and does not access any power by itself.

How to obtain a Genshin Impact Divine Bridle?

To obtain Genshin Divine Bridle, you have to complete the world quest of Hyperion’s Dirge. But remember, before completing this quest, you must have completed all the previous quest series.

Below are the steps to obtain an Impact Divine Bridle.

  • Talk with Aberaku is a spirit that is located around the Enkanomiya.
  • To find this spirit, walk towards Dainichi Mikoshi,
  • Lighten up the two torches,
  • You will be able to reveal there a hidden passage, behind the chest,
  • The passage is guarded by 2 guards (ruin).
  • In order to get Genshin Impact Divine Bridle, you need to use evernight so that Aberaku can appear and you can talk to him.
  • After that, you will get the Hyperion’s Dirge quest.
  • It makes you find 3 offering stones to continue further. 

Locations of offerings

Below are the locations of the offering stone in Genshin Impact Divine 

  • Narrow Offering – Western travel point’s north-east.
  • Serpent’s Heart Offering – Slightly east to the southernmost travel point.
  • Temple Offering – Central travel point’s north-west.

After completing the Dirge Quest, you need to report back to the Aberaku at the same point, Dainichi Mikoshi, to get the Genshin Impact Divine Bridle.

After that, place all the 3 stone offerings at Dainichi Mikoshi, and for that, you need to use the orb that will appear after offering all the 3 stones, and then you will be able to speak to Arberaku. And, he will reward you by offering an Impact Divine Bridle, primogems, and hero’s wit.

The last thoughts

After our case study, we find that the game is exciting, fascinating and players are eagerly looking for new launches, making this game more interesting.

Coming to the end of the article, if you have any questions or suggestions for Genshin Impact Divine Bridle, please leave them in the comments below-

Hence, if you want to get more details about the Quest items, then please visit here.  

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