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Geoghost Store Reviews [April] – Is This Not One Scam?

Geoghost Store Reviews [April] – Is This Not One Scam? >> Check this review post by our expert team. Read their analysis about this web store and then go for order. Read now!

Does Doo have to urge to do shop online? Want to do the shopping for them? Here is the best online shopping store where you can get all the related and exciting stuff. The website serves all the corners of the world, including the United States

The site is another addition to the online shopping stores, and it has a wide array of products that can easily be grabbed by any person. These products are available at a reasonable price, and it has all types of professional suppliers

Here, we are going to do a proper analysis of the geoghost store review

What exactly geoghost store is? 

Geoghost is an online store which is claiming to sell a different range of products such as pen, pencil cases, gift, chair tape, scarf, hair clip, cup, and so on. All these products are available at a very reasonable price, and there is no need to splurge extra money on these products.

What products does it include? 

It has a wide variety of products available at the shopping site, and it includes products of several uses. We have enlisted the products under geoghost.store reviews below: 

  • Pen: It includes a high fountain golden clip, ink pen, gel caneta pen, ballpoint pens ballpoint, metal ball pen, home Iridium Fine, and so on. 
  • Pencil cases: It includes a new reversible sequin pencil case, handmade genuine leather pencil bag, new high-quality large capacity, Stationary canvas pencil case pencil bag, and others.  
  • Gift: It has bean bags, styling chair, sofas, Unisex Bandana Hip Hop, Ladies wool, hair clips, camping folding, Ball pen signature, drinking cup, and so on.  
  • Chair: Fishing chair, hydraulic rolling swivel salon, beach chair, hairdressing styling chair, towel lounge chair, and others.  
  • Tape: Tape high temperature, super-strong fiber, waterproof stop fiber, double-sided tape Nano, adhesive tape, waterproof double-sided adhesive tape, and so on.   
  • Scarf: It comprises of sheer, scarf shawl, Headtie, ladies wool, wool scarf, silk scarf, and so on.  
  • Hair Clip: It has solid pearl clips, women girls Bling, women hair clip, style hair clips, Rhinestones hairpins, shining hair clips, and so on.    
  • Cup: Camping folding, coffee cups, wood cup primitive handmade, wine glass portable, disposable plastic tea, silicone folding cup, coffee cup solid, and so on.    

All these products are of optimum quality and fulfill the expectations of the customers. Grab the products and never miss any fantastic deals. 

What specifies the products?

As we hinted earlier, the site provides a wide range of custom products related to the passion of every professional such as hobby, games, any passion, or something in which you are highly interested. 

They have described the details of every customized product so that the buyer gets to know about the specifications of the products. Let us have a look at the product specifications that what it includes which are given as follows: 

  • Inspired from.
  • The material of which it is made.
  • Functions of the product.
  • Height of the product.
  • Weight of the product.
  • Different patterns of the product such as spiral white, bluestone, dark cloud, grey stone, spark blue, spark red, and so on. 
  • Different colors of the product like blue, red, gold, and white.
  • Price of the product.  

Is geoghost store legit? 

We have provided all the essential information about the stuff as offered by the site. Although the site is loaded with custom products, it still has some red alerts that can prevent the buyers from shopping. 

Let us discuss whether the site is legal or not. It is vital to test the site because you are providing you personal information and payment details for placing order. 

First of all, the site has no external links, and every business is seeking more customers. If there are no external links to the site, then it has no chances for growth and increases the purchase. 

Always be aware before buying any product from online stores and always explore the site deeply before placing any order.   

What do we conclude? 

We have deeply explored the site and get to know about all the custom products and their associated description. After giving geoghost.store reviews, we know about the wide varieties of products in color and styles as well.

For more, if you have any queries or questions related to the products or site, and then feel free to get in touch with us.

Do not forget to give your feedback when you make a purchase!!        

0 thoughts on “Geoghost Store Reviews [April] – Is This Not One Scam?

    1. I bought a DeWalt package for $99.99 on 4 / 5 / 2019…
      Now I’m wondering if I’ve been SCAMMED TOO.

        1. Me too, it’s been 3 and a half weeks, nothing. My son and I ordered at the same time, they got the money but we didn’t receive any tools.

        2. I ordered a ten tool set of Dewalt. Money was taken from my account on 4/3. I’ve received nothing yet.

  1. We ordered the bowflex adjustable bar Bells 2 weeks ago. We haven’t received an email to confirm our order. Or even an email to say it’s being processed.

    Please don’t tell me we got scammed. Please reply to my email.

      1. You will no hear from them. I did too a while back. Thankfully paid through paypal which was available at the time. No correspondence with me or them and received my money back. Might as well start the process now honestly. Very frustrating

    1. I just ordered on April 2. Haven’t received it. Now the site isn’t found. The number won’t answer and the email never responded. I’m dreading the same thing…

    2. Exactly what happened to me. Same product, same concerns. We have been scammed. And I am afraid that – due to the small amount $89 – we will get nothing but this horrible feeling. I wish bad things to the people behind the scam (really nasty violent and degrading things)

    3. Same thing happened to me! Has it been confirmed to be a scam yet? The money has for sure been charged.

    1. Exactly what happened to me. Same product, same concerns. We have been scammed. And I am afraid that – due to the small amount $89 – we will get nothing but this horrible feeling. I wish bad things to the people behind the scam (really nasty violent and degrading things)

  2. After reading all of these horrible reviews I have to ask a question….. has anyone ever ordered a set of tools from this company and received them and was actually legit? Im asking because i just sent them $200 before finding this information.

  3. I just saw this ad (Dewalt cordless tool set) and felt compel to review. I paid for a similar tool set based on an ad on Facebook just like this one for the same price (Never received the product and the company disappeared). I checked a similar set on amazon and it is $600. So they are selling a product worth $600 for $100!

    HHmmm! Just wondering!

    1. I orders the set of dumbbells and never got anything back. It’s been 3 weeks and no email, nothing! Don’t ever buy anything from sites like this again

  4. DONT FALL FOR IT. I believe I got scammed. I have yet to receive confirmation, and the customer service number is not even an active phone number to try to work things out. They have already with drawn the money from my account. Not sure what to do next.

  5. I got scammed!! Paid for an item and did not receive confirmation of payment. Money was withdrawn from geohost store-AXEL BONILLA CORTES KEAPATHLETICS * TX. Don’t buy anything from these sites. Call your bank!!! Oh, number on contact list is not in service…

  6. As of right now I ordered that ps4 and still don’t have it, today was 10days of shipping, I am trying to get my money back since no one will answer the emails

  7. I order a PS4 and it’s been over 14 days and I still have not received my order I left emails after emails no one has gotten back to me I’m really upset with the lack of response I’ve gotten from them.

  8. I almost ordered the ps4 that was on sale for $99.98. I put my info in but I wanted to read the privacy policy so when I pressed the icon it reset the page and the only thing that was left was the address I wanted the ps4 shipped to. So I’m worried because what if the information I put in went to them when it reset the page. I’m calling my bank but if anyway had feedback please help me.

  9. I feeling like i have been scam for 99.98 thats not cool. Its already hard for people to survive and people do this. This shit is crazy

  10. You will no hear from them. I did too a while back. Thankfully paid through paypal which was available at the time. No correspondence with me or them and received my money back. Might as well start the process now honestly. Very frustrating.

  11. Hey i jest received my bank statements and the $99.98 i sent to GEOGHOST STORE ( AGUERO) tracked backed to.

  12. I also purchased the dumbbells fro $89 on April 2, 2020 and haven’t received anything, website is down, no phone numbers to call, I’m reading all of your comments and it’s clear that this company is a scam, I just dispute the transaction with my bank, I hope I get my money back. by the way… this is how it shows on my account: PURCHASE AUTHORIZED ON 04/02 AXEL BONILLA CORTE KEAPATHLETICS TX. $89.00

    Merchant Address: KEAPATHLETICS, TX Category: Hair Care/Beauty Supply

  13. I made a purchase of a dewalt toolset and had no confirmation email of my purchase progress I wanted to request a refund or receive the package with the agreed

  14. I all so ordered the dewalt tool set and got scammed. Trying get it taken off my credit card and changing my card numbers it comes back from a cosmetic makeup store in TX.

  15. I am so glad I read these comments from everyone. My husband saw this company advertised on something called The bleacher reportand when we went on the site and check the price of the Milwaukee tool set it seemed too good to be true. So we did not order it and I hope that all of you receive your refund and that someone should definitely launch an investigation on this company

  16. I also ordered the Dewalt tool set for 99.98 on April 3. It was charged to my Visa Credit Card. I have also received nothing.
    I should have known it was a scam. Lesson learned.

  17. Hi just like to others on here on April 4 th I also ordered the 98.99 toolset and have seen no trace of the product however my money was taken. Something needs to be done about those who take advantage of others. I am so glad God sees everything.

  18. I also ordered the dumb bells for $89. No response in over a month. Why isn’t an investigation being opened?

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