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Getskinsfree Com (June) Are You Getting Free Skins Here?

Getskinsfree Com (June) Are You Getting Free Skins Here? >> In this post, you will know the truth behind the free Fortnite skin generator.

Do you want to get Fortnite Skins without spending any V-buck? Every Fortnite player wants to get hands-on new and good looking skins. It can be very expensive for gamers to buy every skin they want because all the skins are awesome, and we certainly cannot choose one. 

This post will discuss a platform that allows you to get as many skins as you want for free. This platform is becoming a matter of discussion and curiosity in the United States and other countries as well. Let us discuss more about Getskinsfree com further in this post. 

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What is Getskinsfree? 

As mentioned, it is a tool that can generate Fortnite skins for free, and there is no limit to it. You can get as many skins as you want. This tool has a huge collection of awesome Fortnite skins like Harley Quinn, Batman, John Wick, Black Panther, Ant-man, and so on. 

The website of this platform looks quite good and interactive. The process of getting free skins is very easy, and you don’t have to do much to get free Fortnite skins from Getskinsfree com

Let’s look at the process of generating skins from this platform. 

How to generate skins from Getskinsfree?

Follow along the steps mentioned below, and you will be able to generate free skins from this tool-

  • Go to getskinsfree.com.
  • You will be able to see different Fortnite skins select all the skins that you want.
  • Give your Epic username and select the device you are using.
  • Then this tool will do its thing and ask you for human verification.
  • You have to complete the given tasks in under 5 minutes to get the reward.

Is Getskinsfree com Legit or a Scam?

The following points help us in analyzing the legitimacy of the website:

  • HTTPS connection- The website has a secure HTTPS connection; however, that is not enough to guarantee its legitimacy. 
  • Domain Age – The domain of this tool is created on 20 June 2021, which means it has only been three days since its existence. The domain has a short life expectancy as it is registered till 20th June 2022.
  • Trust Index – The trust index of this tool is only 1%, which is much lower than average. 
  • Trust Rank – It is also shallow, which is 1.9/100.
  • Gamers’ Reviews – The tool is too new to be trusted, and it does not have any user reviews that can guarantee its legitimacy. Also, on the website, you will not see any information about the officials of this tool. 

All these factors show that Getskinsfree com is suspicious and you should not use it.

Final Verdict

There are tons of this kind of platforms that promise to generate free skins, and at the end, you end up giving your personal information to a suspicious website, and nothing happens. This tool is possibly one of them. For in game purchases, we suggest that you should get a V-bucks card from here.  

What are your views on this platform? Please tell us in the comments section below. Also, please do share this Getskinsfree com post to inform others.

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