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Giftrome com Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Legit Or Scam?

Giftrome com Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Legit Or Scam? >> An online clothing store sells various styles and jewellery options at very low and discounted prices.

Being a 20-something who’s always on phone shop for clothes mostly online. Are you one of them? 

Many people are hunting for a new pair of shoes, a dress for a special occasion, or a pair of jewellery. That’s what most people go for, and in the United States, the online shopping trend is what many people in our generation do. 

Shopping in-person guarantees that what is shown on the website is what the customer gets. But that’s not the case Giftrome com Reviews knows that it’s not only about the swiping the card on clothes. 

Nowadays, many online shops give unique products at the discount prince and large deals, but they can often look too good to be true. Scam alert! This article helps you to make sure that you shop from only a legit place. 

Whats is Giftrome com? 

Giftrome com is an online shopping site for the latest fashion trends in the United States and many other counties. Customers can choose from various styles and patterns such as dresses, tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, coats, and more. 

They also have separate jewellery section and themed based clothes to get on the low price.  The clothes help the customers to express their style without breaking the bank. Let’s check more on Giftrome com Reviews.

Specification of Giftrome com:

  • Website type: Clothing and fashion store for online shopping 
  • Website: https://www.giftrome.com/ 
  • Refund: 100 percent refund 
  • Return: 7 business days 
  • Return assistance number: 18666761111 or 2134885353
  • Cancellations: not mentioned 
  • Addresses: Midodo International Trading Limited, Rm 1302 13/F Cheong K Building 84-86 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
  • Warranty: three-month warranty
  • Contact number: +852-46489922
  • Customer support mail id: service@giftrome.com
  • Shipping: Free Shipping Over $69
  • Payment options: PayPal

Advantages of Giftrome com: 

  • The website has a variety of clothes and styles.
  • The discount prices are high.
  • The website has an active social media account.
  • The site uses secure SSL gateways.
  • The products have all the details and sizes. 
  • The site has a return and refund policy. 
  • The addresses are given on each product. 

Disadvantages of Giftrome com: 

  • The Giftrome com Reviews are not available.
  • The site is newly registered.
  • The site payment options are not secure.
  • The owner details are not given. 
  • The product images are not clear and look fake.
  • The site terms and policies are copied.
  • The site using invalid phone numbers. 

Is Giftrome com fake or legit? 

The URL bar says “https,” which secure the payment and make the online shopping safe. The website has this proves and makes it legit, but not always. The site is using two addresses. We found that the locations are not legit and doubts on Giftrome com Reviews

This company is registered on any of the mentioned addresses. The most sites who run the business from Hong Kong or china tends to be a scam. The quality also lacks for its products. 

The contact number on the site is also fake and copied from the other sites. The company can be reached with this information. The website’s age is also two months and has no external links that could build its credibility. The site is a scam with the random product listed at very low prices. 

The lack of any customer rating and reviews shows no one has bought the items. This review is the point that makes this site a scam. 

What are customers saying about the Giftrome com? 

Giftrome com Reviews for online shopping sites are covered all around the internet. The site has no reviews and even on their social media Instagram account. After reading it and gauging whether or not the discount prices are worth sacrificing financial safety, the site has a very fake set up and deceives the customers. 

The customer also can’t reach the company as the contact number is not valid and copied randomly form the internet. The clothes have very low provided and flash sales, but that is too good to be true. As for the new site building, a customer base is essential, and this has not of it. 

Final Verdict:

This Giftrome com Reviews concluded the fact that Giftrome is a scam site that works through a third party. The site runs by some Chinese company and steals customers’ money by giving a discount on cheap dresses.

There is undoubtedly no probability that this is a legit site, and buying anything from here can be risky, and the monetary info can be stolen. The different red flags discussed above make it also obvious.

Hope this cleared all the questions the customers have—comment below what you think. 

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