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Ginger Garlic Melbourne {June} Read About An Incident!

Ginger Garlic Melbourne {June} Read About An Incident!>> This post discusses an incident of refused entry of a disabled person into a restaurant’s dining space.

Do you like an Indian meal more than the local food available in the country? Then this news will help you to understand one major issue related to garlic in Melbourne. Ginger Garlic Melbourne is in the news for all the bad reasons; a place where people come and eat their favorite food draws criticism from all quarters for its insensitive behavior. An Australian war veteran was denied entry into this restaurant situated in Melbourne, Australia.

The Incident of discrimination has always been there, but it has been dealt with severely in the past by raising the issue with the concerned party.

About Ginger Garlic news from Melbourne:

Ginger Garlic Melbourne is an Indian restaurant situated in Eltham village shopping centre in Australia.  It offers traditional Indian food with down to earth settings and theme nights and has a rating of 2.6 on Google.  

Though most people gave it an average rating and found the service offered by the restaurant good, comment on tripadvisor.com speaks of the rude service given by the shop. The comment indicates the money-making attitude of the owner, who is just interested in making a huge bill out of every customer.

As Tripadvisor.com commented regarding the ginger garlic in January 2021, we discuss it for the same reason in June.

Ginger Garlic Melbourne refused service to war veteran:

The food offered by this restaurant was always appreciated by the people visiting the place, but the hospitality service was a cause of concern for customers. Last Saturday incident brought more disgrace to Ginger Garlic when it refused a booking to an Afghan war veteran as he was in a wheelchair.

According to Joel Sardi, an Afghan war veteran who developed quadriplegia seven years ago during his service in Afghanistan, the staff member first took the booking of five-member. But as he disclosed that he was in a wheelchair, they refused him the booking.

When he approached the owner of Ginger Garlic Melbourne, he too refused to give him the dining space due to his wheelchair.

How is Joel Sardi taking the Ginger Garlic incident?

The Saturday incident quite hurts Joel Sardi and as is evident from his Instagram post. In his Instagram post, he talked about his disability and wanted people around him to realize the difficulty faced by him daily.

 He further wrote that he is not expecting people to throw much more hurdle at him and want them to be a little more considerate. In his message, he wrote that he didn’t want people to boycott the restaurant, but he wants them to learn from this Incident. 

Final verdict:

Ginger Garlic Melbourne incident reminds us that humanity is divided on so many things; it time we put humanity above everything to make this planet accommodative for each being. One needs to show empathy towards the people needing it; buck after which each of us is running with our pants down will follow your work.

One can share their views on this Incident in the comment section and give their opinion on this post below. To know more about the ginger garlic incident, Read here. 

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