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Ginger Garlic Reviews (June) What You Should Know?

Ginger Garlic Reviews (June) What You Should Know? >> The article talks about a popular restaurant along with presenting a detailed customer review.

Food is one of the charms that nobody can avoid. Numerous Indian restaurants in Australia offer delicious food that will quench your hunger and give peace to your soul. However, there are few that flash in our mind as soon as we think of good restaurants.

One such restaurant is Ginger Garlic, which is known for serving delicious food that is flavoured with the authentic touch of Indian food. Thus, in this article, we decided to explore it in detail Ginger Garlic Reviews. Scroll down to know more.

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A Few Words about Ginger Garlic

Ginger Garlic is a renowned Indian restaurant that serves authentic Indian food in Australia. The restaurants claim to offer India’s true taste with a wide variety of Indian cuisines that will enchant your taste buds.

It is visited by numerous food lovers every day who have presented their experiences and reviews. Besides, the restaurant also has its presence on social media sites like Facebook. Moreover, numerous users and clients have presented their Ginger Garlic Reviews, which we would explore in the coming sections.

What are the Services offered by the Restaurant?

The restaurant has been serving clients for the past 28 years, drawing customers from far away places. Besides, they offer a wide range of authentic Indian food, thereby touring the clients across India and specialized theme nights on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Why has it been in the News lately?

There has been a lot written about the Ginger Garlic restaurant, whether for its taste or services. However, the restaurant has been in the news lately for its incident with a diner who was restricted entry as he was in the wheelchair. Furthermore, Ginger Garlic Reviews, the reason claimed by the restaurant for the restriction was a paucity of space.

However, later on, the owners also rendered their apology to the customer for the treatment. Besides, they have also posted an open apology on their website, stating that the restaurant doesn’t differentiate between anyone and welcomes all communities.

More about the Restaurant

The Ginger Garlic restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Monday. The restaurant also provides dining and takeaway of delicious food to your doorstep.

Ginger Garlic Reviews – What Customers have to say?

The website has got a 2.8 to 4 stars rating. Besides, it has got mixed customer reviews which include both negative and positive reviews. 

One of the users has highlighted the services being rude and loads of food that cannot be eaten. On the other hand, another user has highlighted food being too good and the friendly hospitality.

Take Away

Based on the reviews, we can state that the Ginger Garlic Restaurant is a good choice if you wish to munch delicious Indian authentic food. Thus, we also recommend users check Ginger Garlic Reviews before they venture. Read more about Ginger Garlic Restaurant here

What is your favourite cuisine at Ginger Garlic restaurant? We would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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