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The Best Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel 2023

Giraffe tools are a top-notch company that offers different products to ease your life. The best part is they manufacture and directly deliver to you at a fair price. So that is why you never get any fake or high price product of giraffe tools.

Across the US, giraffe tools are the leading company that introduces amazing tools, including retractable pressure washers, retractable hose reels and much more. These tools facilitate your daily tasks and make your life hustle free.

Many brands are available in the market, but giraffe tools is a renowned and reliable company. They have many products that allow you to work efficiently in a short time.

Giraffe tools retractable garden hose reel has an auto-retracting system and rewinds the hose reel automatically. It will stop your wrestling with your manual garden hose and give your yard a clean and tidy look. So let us find out more about it.

Features Of Retractable Garden Hose Reels

Wall mounted: It will not take up space because of its retraction mechanism and bracket design. It gets folded to the wall after use.

Lifecycle: Unique ceramics technology makes it 400 times better than normal.

Retractable: The automatic retractable system winds the hose easily and neatly without kinking.

Hose Locking: The locking system allows the user to stop anywhere, and you can use it efficiently at any length.

Lengths Availability: It includes 65ft, 78ft, and 90ft: 100 ft,115 ft, ‎130ft, 155ft and diameter 1/2 inch,5/8 inch.

Benefits Of Choosing Giraffe Tools


The giraffe tool has a compact design that provides you with strength. It’s a convenient hose reel with a hose locker and rewind system: 9-mode nozzle, 180-degree swivel and durability.


The polypropylene casing will save the hose reel from fading and deforming from sun or rain. Its hybrid hose is abrasion resistant and connected with brass rather than aluminium alloy.

Simple Installation

The retracted hose reel is installed to the wall by attaching a swivel bracket 180 degrees with screws.

Easy To Use

The hose reel is easy to use and covers almost every corner of your yard, and you don’t need to struggle hard to wrap it. It is automatically retracted with a gentle pull.

Valuable Tool

It is a valuable tool because of its efficiency and creativity. You will not regret buying a retracted hose reel.

Why Do You Choose Giraffe Tools?

Giraffe tool makes a tool that makes your life hustle free by their innovative tools. They are a leading company in the US and now further moving to Australia and Canada. they also offer

  • 30-Day Return
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Prompt Customer Service
  • GT’s Price Promise

Tips To Use  Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Ensure The Reel is Installed Perfectly

An incorrect installation will waste your time and money. That is why you should check the installation before the first use. Check the mounting bracket is perfectly attached to the structure before starting using.

Check The Brightly Coloured Marks

The retractable hose reel has a brightly coloured mark that shows where to stop pulling. So when you pull your hose reel, check the mark. It will save damage, over-pulling and help you align it properly.


Locking your hose prevents the hose reel from retracting while used. When you lock it, you can use the hose more easily, so when your reel reaches the length, you need to lock it first to start using it.

Never Start The Water Before Locking.

After locking, start your water source to save the water loss and easily use the garden hose.

Always Drain The Remaining Water

When you are done gardening, turn off the tap and pull the trigger to clear the remaining water in the hose. So it will be retracted easily and never get damaged.

Unlock The Locking Mechanism.

In the end, unlock the locking mechanism to retract the hose reel. Losing the hose, and it will be retracted automatically.

Final Words

A retractable hose reel is a need if you love gardening and daily struggle with your manual hose. This automatic hose will save you time and make your daily task effortless. And your yard will look tidy and beautiful. It is one of the best gardening devices, which is designed by a professional team of giraffe tools. After completing research on problems and usage, they value your work and time. Giraffe tools are famous across the US because of their durability and user-friendly products that make your life hustle free, and you can do your gardening more efficiently.

Gardening is always a good and healthy hobby, and if it is done with a retracted hose reel, you never get tired and enjoy your gardening more. Try your automatic hose reel. Good luck!

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