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Glentown Clothing Reviews (Jun) Is This Site Scam?

Glentown Clothing Reviews (Jun) Is This Site Scam? >> The write-up today will make our readers know well about a clothing website and to make the right decision.

Are you a person who likes to shop online? In many countries like the United States, people think of supporting small and buying small business products that benefit the country’s GDP. 

In spite of becoming independent, people are working hard and working day and night to make their small business a success. The most famous type of small business which is successful online nowadays is the Clothing business.

As we move forward, this article will be presenting some Glentown Clothing Reviews and let you know every piece of information that will help you decide whether to buy from this website or not.

What is Glentown Clothing?

Glentown clothing is a website that is offering an attractive yet elegant collection of clothing for women all around the globe. They offer a huge collection for women, including Blouses, Long Blouses, Skull, Bohemia, Bags, Accessories, and many more. 

The website keeps on updating its collection and has a new piece almost every day. So, yes, the website claims to be the perfect spot for all the women to meet up to their every clothing requirement. But, let’s find out Is Glentown Clothing Legit or not.

Specifications of the Website

  • Website- https://www.glentown.com/
  • Type of Website- Clothing
  • Clothing for- Females
  • Contact Email- service@bellawind.com
  • Company Number- 11934935
  • Address- 212 Horton Road, Datchet, Slough, England, SL3 9HL
  • Website’s Domain Date – 06/01/2021
  • Return policy- within 14 days
  • Free Shipping- on orders above $79
  • Processing time- 3-7 Days
  • Shipping time- 7-20 Days

Pros of Glentown Clothing

  • A whole website dedicated to women clothing.
  • It provides a handful of options for the women.
  • The website has a wide range for every size.
  • It provides a variety of options to choose from.
  • The delivery time is adequate.
  • It provides an ease of shopping and ordering from home.

Cons of Glentown Clothing

  • There are no Glentown Clothing Reviews on any of the trusted websites on the internet, except the Facebook Page. 
  • The information on the website is not unique and is similar to many other scam websites.
  • The address mentioned on the website comes out to be a residential address linked to many other online stores.
  • The website is very young.
  • The trust rank of the website 7.5/100 and that is a bad sign.
  • The prices of the pieces are very low, which is another red flag.
  • People have given negative reviews on the Facebook page.

Is Glentown Clothing Legit?

  • The website was introduced on 2021-01-06 and is just 4 Months 10 Days old. 
  • The trust score of this website comes out to be just 2% which is not good at all. 
  • The trust rank of this website comes out to be 7.5/100, which is again not good.
  • Some reviews were found on Facebook, all of which appear to be negative.

Thus, this website appears to be suspicious, and we cannot say if this is legit or not. And this is how to protect yourself if you have been scammed on PayPal.

What are the Glentown Clothing Reviews from the Customers?

In getting to know the website better, we did and in-depth research that clears all the points for us. We searched the internet and other websites like the Trust pilot and many others, but no reviews could be found.

There were some reviews on the Facebook page that points towards the website being non- trustable. Most of the reviews quoted that the website does not deliver the product. In addition, they quoted that the website accepts only prepaid options, and when an order is placed, no information is received by the customer, neither by mail nor through a text message.

Thus, Glentown Clothing Reviews prove that the website can be a scam and appears to be suspicious. This is how to protect yourself if you have been a victim of Credit Card scams.

Wrapping It Up

There is no doubt that this United States-based website offers a huge and impressive collection of clothing to the ladies out there.

But, what good of a website is if the customer does not receive their order ever.

Our research brought out some facts that make the website fall under the category of suspicion. It was found that the website’s trust score on many platforms is very low and is degrading, which suggests that the customer’s personal information can be used for other purposes. 

Also, the website is just four months old, which is not a very good sign for trusting it. Some Glentown Clothing Reviews were found on Facebook, stating that the customer has not received their order ever. 

Thus, the website appears to be suspicious, and we would not suggest our readers go forward to buy.

What is your experience with the website and its products? Please share your reviews in the comments section below. 

3 thoughts on “Glentown Clothing Reviews (Jun) Is This Site Scam?

    (and I am one that seldom leaves reviews)
    I WISH I COULD UPLOAD THE PICS OF WHAT I ORDERED AND WHAT I GOT!! I ordered nearly $100 worth of tops. I really studied each item description b4 ordering, to avoid this problem!
    But I did not read the reviews first. HARD LESSON!!! READ REVIEWS PEOPLE!!!!!!!
    When it says a top is embroidered in their description and it looks beautiful… it’s photoshopped on!!! no embroidery on any that claim to say so..
    My items do not contain any % of cotton when the item indicates that it contains. The return policy is falsely advertised. They do not want their crapp back either. I am fighting with them now through PayPal. If you order, be sure to do it through PayPal who will back your sale.
    This site is completely and fraudulently advertising and they are under dif name companies so BE AWARE and ck reviews!!!

    1. Hi Pegz, yes you are absolutely right. As the description and other details, the scammers put in that effort to make buyers believe that it is a fair and genuine portal to buy. Seeing and reading reviews could save anyone from falling into any trap. Also keep visiting our portal in hunt of many aware reviews and spread with your friends and family, so that they shall also stay advised and alert. Stay Safe.

  2. I got SCAMMED! I ordered 4 Halloween blouses and waited 1 month to receive. Opened package to find THREE of the 4 blouses were NOT WHAT I ORDERED! They sent 3 psychedelic spring-colored blouses which I’ll NEVER wear! I emailed @bellawind and also attached pictures and the SKU numbers on the packages. Asked for a refund. They replied that they were sorry that I didn’t like the products and will refund me $11.25. WTH? This just covers the shipping charge I paid! If so many people are getting scammed, why can’t they be shut down? 🙁

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