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Gluacord Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Gluacord Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam? >> This review will provide you with information about the legitimacy of an online store selling home essentials and home decor items.

Are you fond of buying beautiful home decor from online stores? If yes, you will love reading this article because we’ll review a site that claims to sell high-quality home decor items at reasonable rates. With the help of Gluacord Reviewsyou will come to know about the authenticity of this website. 

When you go through a website, generally get attracted to it by seeing the pictures and prices of products displayed. However, it would help if you first looked for the legitimacy of the site before placing an order. 

Therefore, you should find some important points about the website, including its ‘About Us’ page and contact details to know more about its legitimacy. Well, this post will help you a lot in finding out the truth of this website. 

Let’s find out some vital information about this United Statesbased website. 

What is Gluacord.com?

Gluacord.com is a shopping portal where you can buy superior quality home decor at a very cheap rate. Some of the products you can shop for include throw pillows, handy storage baskets, bed sheets and quilts for kids, etc. 

But something which took our attention was the homepage of this website, which is a bit confusing. There are some products displayed on the home page which are not there in the menu option. These products include workout machines and accessories, etc. Therefore, it can be comprehended that the website is interpreting wrong information. 

Also, the images seem to be copied from some other websites, which is again not a good sign. This website is recently built and is not even a month old.

So, you should buy from this site or not can be decided only with the help of Gluacord Reviews

Specifications of Gluacord.com

  • Website type: Home essentials and home décor items
  • URL: https://www.gluacord.com/
  • Office Location: 3680 Yuma rd- Gate City- Virginia 
  • Shipping cost: No shipping cost
  • Delivery time: takes 10 to 22 business days 
  • Phone number: +13344722266
  • Email address: gluacord@outlook.com
  • Return policy: Available
  • Payment: Debit/Credit card and PayPal

Pros of buying from Gluacord.com:

  • A variety of home decor and home essentials are available. 
  • All the products available on the website are pocket friendly. 
  • You need not pay anything for shipping as free shipping is available. 
  • Return, refund, and exchange is available  
  • Multiple payment options are available.

Cons of buying from Gluacord.com:

  • The website is recently built, and the domain is registered on 12th June 2020. 
  • The website does not have any provision for customer reviews. 
  • Cash on delivery option is not available. 
  • Some customers have commented that the site is a scam because they haven’t received their products yet. 
  • The office address is fake.
  • The email id seems to be suspicious. 

Is Gluacord.com a Legit site?

The most important thing you need to consider before buying anything is to look for the authenticity of any website. As this website is newly built, not much information concerning customer reviews is available online. 

Moreover, there are many suspicious signs which you will not find in any legit site. Like, the office address is fake, and the email ID is suspicious. The website does not have its mail server, and it is using a free email ID. It is not recommended to buy anything from a website using a free email ID. 

So, it would be best if you will make your decision with caution. 

What are the customers saying about this website? 

This website is recently registered; not many customer reviews are available online. However, some customers had visited the site but are not happy with the present information. 

The popularity of the website is low, and its Alexa ranking is also shallow. We suggest you either buy home decor from another website or wait for some more customer reviews on this website to finalize your decision. 

Final Words: 

To conclude, we would like to mention that the website has many negative points and very few positive aspects. Gluacord Reviews state that this website is not a legitimate one. Neither would it be the best if you shop anything from this site, not advise anyone to do the same. 

As this United States-based website is recently built and has a lot of flaws, including fake email Id, look for some other sites to buy home essentials. So, purchasing anything from the website can put your money and your sensitive information at risk. 

We will be pleased if you will share your experience or thoughts with us.

0 thoughts on “Gluacord Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

  1. BEWARE!!! I ordered and paid for a treadmill and was sent a tracking number after almost a month. All I received was paper fake N-95 face masks! I have checked into them more to find the address they use in Va. is only a house and the phone number they post is not a working number. I have contacted the authorities to pursue my fraud claim and they were very helpful and it is in process.

    1. I have the exact same experience. I bought a rowing machine but instead received some cheap masks in a zip bag. I bought it through Paypal and Paypal is asking me to return the item before I could receive full refund, and the return shipping costs more than the item because it is overseas shipping. What did you do? Did you get full refund at the end?

  2. I ordered an exercise bike. 20 days later I received medical face masks the paper kind. I filed a claim w my bank and emailed the company. They said they accidentally sent out the wrong item and would be mailing me the exercise bike. I got a new tracking number then the site they told me to track it was no longer working. I emailed them and they sent me a new tracking number and a new site to track my order. Seems suspicious. I doubt the exercise bike is coming. …..

    1. Hello,
      I too ordered a inversion table and received the same face mask. That was 2 months ago. I emailed them and complained and they said sorry about that and supposedly reshipped me the inversion table they said then sent me another tracking number which was good until it said it was in the United States then the tracking website wuit working and I again complained and they sent me another website that then said it was in transit and said it was in Arkansas where I live. That was Friday the 29th of August. I’m waiting till monday to see if it arrives.
      What authorities did you seek help from cause I got a feeling I will not receive anything.


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