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Go Flying Trainer Gym {March} Find Tactics To Defeat Them!

The following research on Go Flying Trainer Gym will guide you on defeating the different gym trainers in Johto Event.

Pokemon has been a wonderful game of all time. Gamers have been playing this game with a lot of interest and enthusiasm since it was launched. The game has spread to every part of the world like Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia

Now, what is Go Flying Trainer Gym? Pokemon has launched this new feature, but do you know what to do with this? If not, please do not worry about that, as this article will guide you on all the methods to solve this puzzle.

What is Go Trainers in Pokemon?

It is a new kind of opponent at Pokestops, and players will defeat them. Gym trainers are more likely to Team Go Rocket Grunts. Unlikely, this Gym Trainer feature requires real-time gamers along with their favorite Pokemon. If you want to complete Johto Tour Event, the gamers need to win the battle against the Gym Trainers.

How to Defeat Go Gym Trainer Flying?

Gym trainer has lined up specific Pokemon, and if you figure them out, it won’t be so difficult to defeat them. So here are the ways to defeat them:

  • Alehouhou: This type of Gym trainer will require Bug Type Pokemon. For this, you need Fire-type counters like Charizard, Darmanitan, etc.
  • Brissette: This kind of Gym trainer needs Ghost-type Pokemon. You need Dark-type counters, for example, Absol, Darkrai, etc.
  • MajinSage: This gym trainer needs Dragon-Type Pokemon. You require Fairy-type counters like Gardevoir, Togekiss, etc.
  • Terureruru: This Gym trainer needs Fighting-type Pokemon. This requires Psychic-type Counters like Espeon, Mewtwo, Hoopa, etc.
  • AbsolFairy: To defeat Go Flying Trainer Gym, you need Rock-type or Fighting-type encounters like Conkeldurr, Rampardos, etc. As this trainer needs Ice-type Pokemon
  • Bathazarpokemom: this requires Steel-type Pokemon and Fire-types counters like Infernape, Darmanitan, etc.
  • Leon9715: this trainer will utilize Normal-type Pokemon. You need Fighting-type Pokemon like Hariyama, Lucario, etc. 
  • Robbenprinz: This trainer uses Flying-type Pokemon. To defeat them, you can use Ice-type counters like Weavile, Mamoswine, etc.

This was all about Gym trainers, and here we have shared all the details to defeat the Gym trainers. If you learn all the tactics of the Gym trainer, it will become easy for you to defeat them.

About Johto Tour Event as per Go Flying Trainer Gym

Pokemon always come up with new themes and ideas, and this time also, they have launched the Pokemon Go Tour Johto event. Niantic has created a gym trainer theme where the actual players will play. This event was started through a social media competition, where the gamers have to send their avatars to Niantic, and they will know if your avatar fits well for the Johto Tour. After that, the players will be added as non-player characters, and they have to fight with other players around the world. This challenge is filled with mystery and surprises. You will love playing it. 


Wrapping up this content on Go Flying Trainer Gym will help you with information on different gym trainers and what methods they use. You will also find the solution to defeating the Gym trainers. This will make your game super easy. Please check the link below to know more about the Johto Gym Tour event.

Would you like to share your opinions and suggestions on this new event? If yes, feel free to comment below.

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