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{Full Watch Video} Gojo Figure Incident Original Twitter: Azzy Figurine Reddit, Tiktok, Info!

The article will give details on the Gojo Figure Incident Original Twitter, Azzy footage on Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram.

Have you watched the latest Gojo tampon video? People Worldwide are talking about the incident, and they feel disgusted to find the video circulating online. Gojo is one of the most loved characters from the series Jujutsu Kaisen, and the recent video has sparked debate among the fans of the anime series.

The post will explain the complete information about the Gojo Figure Incident Original Twitter and find out more. Keep reading. 

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Details of Gojo Figure Incident Original Twitter

The incident that gathered attention from people on Twitter shows a tampon being squeezed on a figure of Gojo, who is a character from the famous anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. The whole video is shot near a bathroom sink where we can see red liquid spread on the figure. 

Details of Gojo Figure Incident Original Twitter

The Gojo Figure Incident Azzy video has left anime fans in shock, and they cannot figure out the real reason behind the footage. The tampon is soaked in red, which people speculated to be blood, but we cannot confirm the same.

Gojo Figure Incident Azzy

The video first became viral on Twitter and then it spread to other social media websites. People were taken aback after they came across the red fluid squeezed from a tampon, which they first thought to be blood but later was suspected to be water mixed with red colour.

Gojo Figure Incident Azzy

The video began trending as Gojo Figurine Incident Reddit and was uploaded on various online platforms. People are urging others not to share the video any further and to keep themselves away from the viral content. Gojo is famous due to his looks, which have captivated the fans.

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Gojo Figurine Incident Reddit

The Gojo Figurine became a topic of discussion on Reddit and became a controversial matter in no time. The video profoundly hurts the Anime Community as it shows disrespect for the anime character. The Japanese series has a huge fan following from across the globe, and such behaviour is highly condemned.

People on Instagram posted several images and posts that backlashed the behaviour of the individual commencing the deed. The video shows utter disrespect and hatred for the character, but the way of portraying the hatred is completely wrong. The video has been spread intentionally. 

Availability of the video on TikTok

We do not know whether the video was found on TikTok or not, but as reported, the video was spread to several online websites; there are chances that the video must be shared on TikTok as well. The video has emerged as a controversy, and people are willing to know about the creator.

Availability of the video on TikTokdf

There are also YouTube channels that promise to provide the video, but the incident is not available, and in some videos, the incident is blurred. Some channels only have the information, but the complete video is not available due to sensitive and inappropriate content. 

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YouTube links available online for the video

There are no links on YouTube that showcase the video. The viral video has become a topic of discussion among the community people and it has raised boundaries among the anime communities. We will update more details about the incident in case we get more information about the video and the reason behind creating such horrific content. 

The Telegram channels are also present where the video has been circulated. However, we have not found any traces of such channels, and there are no links provided online. The video has caused widespread debate among the viewers of the anime series and the fans are highly distressed on watching the video circulating online. 

Social media links

Reddit- Link is not available.

Twitter- No link is present


The Gojo Figure Incident Original Twitter has been spread on the platform. The incident has caused discussions among various communities, and they are willing to know more about the creator of the video. The fans of the anime series give several statements. People who are eager to learn more about the viral incident can find the video online.

What are your thoughts on the video? Comment below.

Disclaimer- We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is taken from online sources.

Reference Link: [Watch Video] Gojo Figure Incident Original Twitter: Tampon Azzy Incident Video Info Tiktok, Instagram!

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