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Goku Quest Aut {Sep 2021} Get Game Zone Information!

This article gives you information about the Goku character in the AUT game and how to obtain Goku Quest Aut

 A Universal Time was remodeled entirely on 30th August 2021. With new updates, the developer’s team announced that many more updates would get released in parts. 

Did you know that gamers from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are eagerly awaiting updates on Goku? Where can you find Goku? What do you need to do to obtain Goku? What are the powers Goku will evolve? \

We bring you all the details about obtaining Goku Quest Aut.

Who is Goku?

Goku is the main character in A Universal Time (AUT) game. AUT is a role-playing game on the Roblox platform. 

Recently there were many updates rolled out in A Universal Time. A Universal Time came up with updates to the characters in the game too. Goku is now available in A Universal Time. Goku is a Saiyan who was sent to destroy the earth. But, in his early childhood, he had a head injury due to which he had lost his memory. Therefore, he grew up with all his powers and aimed to protect the earth. 

Obtaining Goku Quest Aut:

Goku is stationed under a tree. It would help if you went near Goku. To obtain Goku, you need to give Goku alteast seven Dragon Balls. For this purpose, you need to put seven Dragon Balls in the bank, and Goku will take it from there. Once this step is done, Goku will give you several tasks. You need to complete these tasks to obtain Goku. Below is the list of tasks given by Goku:

  1. Deal 100 damage
  2. take 100 damage
  3. Block 100 damage
  4. Obtain 1000 Ucoin
  5. Kill 1 Dio

Once you complete these five tasks in Goku Quest Aut, you need to return to Goku and interact with him. Shenron will appear and gives you few options to choose from. Below is the list of options given by Shenron:

  1. Ascension,
  2. World Ender,
  3. Power,
  4. Destruction,

You will attain Goku by choosing at least one option from these four choices. Once you obtain Goku, he can evolve in nine forms given below:

  1. Goku SSJ,
  2. Goku SSJ2,
  3. Goku SSJ3 to use Dragon fist,
  4. Goku SSJ4 to use Dragon fist,
  5. Super Saiyan God,
  6. Super Saiyan Blue,
  7. Kaioken in Goku Quest Aut can deal with four damages per second,
  8. Ultra Instinct can be achieved with low HP,
  9. Mastered Ultra Instinct to use Mastered ultra-instinct. It can be achieved when you have exhausted KI.


Some stands in AUT  are still inactive as AUT was reworked. Players have reported that after giving seven Dragon Balls, Goku is still inactive. Some players, who were successful in doing so, reported that even after achieving the task assigned by Goku, Shenron does not appear. Significantly few users were lucky to obtain Goku Quest Aut after answering Shenron.

Did you come across such a glitch in AUT with Goku? Kindly let us know how you obtained Goku. 

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