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Golden Globes 2022 Wiki (Dec) Find Out More Here!

This post offers information about Golden Globes 2022 Wiki and related details like when it will occur.

The award shows are a common occurrence in every film industry of nearly every country. As the name suggests, juries and press members honor the best films and artists of the year with awards. 

These events are televised, and film lovers follow this award ceremony with utmost excitement and interest. The Golden Globes is the award show that will be televised soon. The recent announcement of nominations has made Golden Globes 2022 Wiki trendy.

Users in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States are interested in knowing more about this award show and related details. Keep reading this article to learn more.

What are the Golden Globes?

The Golden Globes is a prestigious award given to excellent additions to American and international film and television. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association members bestow this award upon the deserving entries and candidates. 

Several A-list stars and celebrities attend the award ceremony, and the event is also televised. We’ll get to Golden Globes 2022 Wiki shortly. The show is usually held every year in January. The Golden Globes are considered an integral part of the Hollywood award season. The award first began in 1944, nearly 77 years ago.

When are the Golden Globes in 2022?

Users are pretty excited about knowing about the Golden Globes awards in 2022. Let’s look at it below.

  • The Golden Globes in 2022 or 79th Golden Globe Awards will occur on 9 January, 2022.
  • The nominations for these awards were announced quite recently, on December 13, 2021.
  • Snoop Dogg, the famous rapper, and Helen Hoehne were among the people who reported the nominations.
  • The year’s best releases in film and television were among the nominations.

Golden Globes 2022 Wiki

Let’s look at all the relevant details about these Golden Globes below.

  • As we mentioned earlier, the Golden Globes 2022 will occur on 9 January, 2022.
  • The nominations were recently announced, and the year’s best releases in film and television have been honored this year.
  • Kenneth Branagh’s “Belfast” and Jane Campion’s “The Power of the Dog” lead the tally with seven nods each.
  • Actors Mahershala Ali, Javier Bardem, Benedict Cumberbatch, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith are nominated in the best dramatic actor category for their films released in the year.
  • Golden Globes 2022 Wiki tells us that Olivia Colman, Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Stewart, and Jessica Chastain are nominated for their dramatic performances.
  • The winners for each award will be announced in less than a month, so make sure to follow the award ceremony if you’re interested in knowing the results.
  • Read more about this award show here.  

The Final Verdict         

The Golden Globes 2022 will be held on 9 January, 2022. The nominations for the same were recently announced. We have mentioned all the relevant information about this award show above. 

What do you think of the announced nominations? Kindly share your thoughts on Golden Globes 2022 Wiki in the comments.

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