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Gooddealsus com Reviews [Sept 2020] | Safe Deal Or Scam!

Gooddealsus com Reviews [Sept 2020] | Safe Deal Or Scam! -> In this article, you get to know about a website dealing with fashion & other ecommerce products.

Are you looking to buy fashion shoes and clothes online? It would help if you visited Gooddealsus com Once.

In the ecommerce industry, there are unlimited options available these days. Most e-commerce companies provide the best facilities and services to customers. But, believing them is not easy for us. So, we decided to Gooddealsus com Reviews for our readers today.

The website is getting more considerable attention in the United Kingdom. People in the UK are frequently shopping from this site. 

Good Dealsus provide exceptional customer services and worldwide shipping. As they have written on their website, it is effortless to shop from this site, you need to click on the buy now, and the item will be delivered to your doorstep.  

As they mentioned, they have world-class customer service available. You can contact them through chat anytime, they reply on tickets quickly and give customers real-time support. 

Hence, if you are looking to buy some great products online, this article will help you make a solid buying decision, whether you should buy from it. If the site is legit or it is a scam.

What is Gooddealsus?

This site deals with car accessories, fashion clothing, health and personal care, home and garden accessories, men’s fashion items, outdoor accessories, and showpieces, shoes & bags, etc.

Apart from this, they also deal with toys for kids and various tools like aquarium cleaners, electric scissors, pest repellents, etc. The products on the site look of good quality as per images.

Why is Gooddealsus Unique?

The items on the site are vast. They have all the products someone can need for the house or themselves. Some things are tremendously good to make your life easier as per the pictures of the products. The showpieces are eye-catchy.

They have different sales for every other product, as we discussed earlier that customer support is also commendable. They also have some cute items for your loving pets.

All the shipping, refund, and return policy is accessible. These things make this site stand out of many ecommerce shopping sites available in the market. 

Specifications of Gooddealsus:

  • Website type- Ecommerce products
  • Website link-  https://gooddealsus.com/
  • Shipping time- within 48 hours of order.
  • Delivery time: within 8-14 days 
  • Return Policy- within 30 days from the parcel received
  • Shipping charge- Free shipping above order of $30
  • Company address- not provided
  • Contact Number- 18772534927
  • Email address- suhaisheng42@kokoerp.com
  • Mode of payments- online

Pros of Buying of Gooddealsus:

  • Wide varieties of products are available.
  • An easy buying process is given along with the description of the products.
  • Most of the items are available on different discount offers, which also makes shopping affordable.
  • Shipping, Delivery & return details are mentioned and easy to understand.
  • Secure online payment options are obtainable.

Cons of Buying of Gooddealsus:

  • No company address is mentioned.
  • Most of the links are not working as it shows, the site can not be reached.
  • The item’s amount is available in Indian currency, and the site is in the UK.
  • One seller is registered on Amazon as “Gooddealsusa”; however, this site is named “Gooddealsus.”
  • The website does not have any mail server and shows error while opening a lot of times.

Customer Reviews about Gooddealsus:

It is very tough to open the website as the site is not opening in some browsers. The site does not have customer reviews, but there are many reviews available on the search engine. One said they ordered two bags and both arrived so late. They were of the worst quality and nasty.

The products also did not match the pictures. One ordered the bird fountain, but there is no update about the item or the person’s ability to connect to the customer support. Almost all reviews by the customer are disappointing.

Final Verdict:

The site is from the UK, and the shipping happens from china. However, the price of the products is in Indian currency. The site uses a known platform ‘Shopify,’ but the domain is linked with more than two countries.

On the home page, they mentioned the shipping is free, but it is mentioned in the policy that the free shipping is only applicable at the minimum order of $30. 

We do not recommend you to use this site for your future shopping. Share your feedback with us if you have also done shopping from gooddealsus.

0 thoughts on “Gooddealsus com Reviews [Sept 2020] | Safe Deal Or Scam!

  1. On May 11, 2020 I ordered a device to put in my birdbath to make it a small fountain to attract birds. I have yet to receive my order. I have contacted the company through emails twice and both times I was told my order was in transit. My order number confirmation number is 6651. I would appreciate any help you can give me. This order was processed though my credit card company the day I placed the order.

    1. I purchased a Life like doll that was supposed to be 17″ long. I got a 6″ piece of plastic that’s suppose to be a doll but is ugly and might be worth$2 not the $40 I paid. I asked for a full refund and they offered $3. Still waiting for response to my 2nd request. I will never buy anything from them again!!

    2. I have a same problem, I ordered on May 8,2020 a small fountain too and I did not receive anything yet after 3 months!!!
      This is a scam big time!
      They got my money long time ago and nothing to return.
      Scam scam scam!

      1. Oh my god Helen, this happened to me too! I ordered a life like doll supposed to be 43cm in size, and they sent me this complete rubbish plastic doll that was no more than 17cm. They also offered me a $3 refund. They should be reported for False advertising. If they don’t refund me I am going to report them

  2. I made an order on june 11 2020. I know this isnt a long time. I sent an email asking for information on the order. I was told they would put a rush on it. Every time I ask how long it will take all I get is excuses. .I told them I believe they were scammers. I was told it’s in transit and it would take 15 to 40.days to.get here..I ordered thru them because they said in the ad fast shipping . Am I out of.luck on my order.

  3. I ordered a garlic master and avatar asleep when I recieved them the garlic master didn’t work it was also used not brand new. The avatar asleep was horrendous nothing like what they advertised it was cheap and nasty looking.

  4. I just received my item today (Doll) extremely unsatisfied was 7” long and not life like what so ever. What a waste of money, buyer be ware.

  5. I ordered 2- 17″ dolls the beginning of June , haven’t received them yet. My neighbor ordered 1 17″ doll a week later and got a 7″ smelly doll. Are there any legal journey baby doll sites to go on?

    1. You may want to call your credit card company to reverse the payment. Same thing happened with me. The 7” doll they sent is not even worth 99cents. When I asked for a refund they offered to reimburse $9. And after emailing back and forth they advised me to sell it to someone and keep the money. It’s a scam.

  6. I had the same problem either the dolls – lodged a complaint and demanded my money back – please let me know if either of you receive any satisfaction .

  7. I ordered some real lifelike dolls. They are not even close to what they were supposed to look like. Quality is horrible. When I try to reach out to someone, there are different emails. One of them says that my order wasn’t through them. Major headache.

  8. I ordered a doll from this company. I paid $38.98 for it. Took forever to get it! When it did finally arrive, it was mailed fro New Jersey and not at all the doll I ordered. Instead I got a cheap $5 doll! I’ve contacted them through there email and I’ve had several emails back and forth with them. They offered $4 refund. LOL I’ve filed a claim through PayPal. At first they offered to refund $20. I refused the offer. Now they said if I return the doll to Malaysia in good condition, then they will refund my money. Ridiculous!!! It will cost me as much as the original doll was worth to send this $5 doll to Malaysia!!! But I’m going to do it to see what happens next. Big time scammers!!!

  9. I am joining this people I order a Journey Reborn baby doll and paid $38.98 through PayPal, on June 8, 2020 to this dateI have not received my merchandise I have contacted them through several emails back and forth with them. they said I already received my purchase so far I don’t have the damn doll.
    They are a bunch of big time scammers

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