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Gotenks All Star Tower Defense (Sep 2021) Details Inside

In this Gotenks All Star Tower Defense post, we will discuss the latest character released with the new update of the game.

Do you know about Gotenks in the All Star Tower Defense Roblox game? In this post, we will discuss this character in the game, and you will also know why it is getting popular Worldwide

Gotenks has recently got the eyes of the gamers, and it is getting the gamers attention even if it is said to be very costly in the game. All Star Tower Defense is the favorite of most of the Roblox fans because, for many reasons, its characters, gameplay, graphics and much more things.

Let us discuss more the Gotenks All Star Tower Defense further in this post.

About All Star Tower Defense

It is a popular Roblox game, and as the name suggests, it is a tower defense game, and the exciting thing is that the characters in this game are anime based. The characters in this game are taken from a very famous anime series. 

It offers you a large variety of characters from villains to heroes, and the characters are from One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Demon slayer and many famous animes. The storyline is the basic story of every game; you have to get as far as possible in the game.

What is Gotenks All Star Tower Defense?

It is one of the characters of the All Star Tower Defense game, and as mentioned earlier, it costs very much in-game. It is part of the new update of the Roblox game, and being costly, this character is worth the price as it deals with massive damage. 

The defense ability of this character is also very powerful. That is why it is getting the attention of gamers, and everybody wants to have this character. However, many are criticizing Gotenks All Star Tower Defense because of how much it costs. 

Gamers’ Reviews on Gotenks

Mostly the reviews are positive, and gamers are also comparing it with other characters. A gamer stated that “Vegito = Gotenks they are equally good”.

However, many are saying, “It is not as good as Vegito”. Overall, the reviews show that the character is getting popular, and gamers are impressed with the character. One thing to note is many are confusing Gotenks with Goku, but they are not same.

Gotenks All Star Tower Defense is the kid version of Goku and Goku is much bigger than him in size. Gotenks looks like a small thing with powerful powers.

The Final Verdict 

Roblox games have a massive following because of this kind of update, bringing new and exciting characters to the games. Check out here to watch the gameplay and see Gotenks in live-action

Have you already got the Gotenks in the game All Star Tower Defense? Tell us more about your experience in using it. Also, share this Gotenks All Star Tower Defense post to inform others about this new awesome character of the Roblox game.

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