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Gpo Musashi {Sep 2021} Know New Game Features Detail!

This article gives information about Musashi introduced in the recent update of the famous Roblox game Gpo Musashi.

Grand Piece Online (GPO) had released the 4th update on Sunday, the 12th of September 2021, in the United States. The update included several new islands on the map. Was Musashi included in the update? Who is Musashi? On which island can Musashi be found? What benefits are given by Musashi? What is the directions to reach Musashi’s island?

We bring you complete information on Gpo Musashi in this article. 

What is Grand Piece Online?

Grand Piece Online is a game developed by Grand Quest Games for the Roblox platform. It would help if you bought GPO for 200 Robux to play it. GPO is one of the most action-oriented games on the Roblox platform. GPO features several maps with hidden islands. The player needs to find treasures and eat fruits to power up. It consists of bosses with whom you need to fight. 

Who is Musashi?

Musashi is a samurai, and the character is derived from famous Japanese samurai. Musashi is introduced as a miniboss in GPO in the recent 4th update. Gpo Musashi is one of the most powerful minibosses. He drops Musashi’s Karuta, Musashi’s Hat, Musashi’s Crimson Katana and Musashi’s Rose Katana.

  • You need to have at least one sword style to qualify for teachings from Musashi.
  • Musashi will teach you two-sword style for ten thousand beli per lesson. 
  • You need to fight Musashi to gain two-sword styles. 
  • Therefore, you need to fight with Musashi five times.
  • Each time you defeat Musashi, he will offer you a book.
  • With each book, you unlock a story about Musashi’s past and two-sword style moves.

Where can you find Gpo Musashi?

  1. Once you are at the default start point in the game known as “Safe Zone,” you need to turn left and proceed towards the North direction. The location of the hidden island is far. Hence, you need to fly. 
  2. By flying from your default start point, you will come across a peak with a zig-zag path located in “Desert Kingdom – a pharaoh rules over …”. You need to keep flying. 
  3. At one point, you will come to the proximity of low rock located in the North-East direction where you need to land. 
  4. Now in Gpo Musashi, turn towards your right and fly in the North direction again. 
  5. You will be flying over the “Second Sea – waters of the new world.” 
  6. Towards the North-East direction, you will find a hidden island known as “Sashi Island – a master resides…”. 
  7. You will be able to see a Japanese palace where you need to land. 
  8. Once you go inside the palace, you will be able to locate Musashi.


You can find Musashi on Sashi Island, hidden in the Second Sea. Musashi is one of the powerful samurai and miniboss. Gpo Musashi Karuta gives the player 50 HPs, 3 percent sword damage, and 2x stamina regain. Musashi’s Hat 45 HPs, 2 percent sword damage, and 1x stamina regain. Players feel GPO is not worth spending two hundred Robux. 

Did you find GPO action-filled and playable game ? Do let us know about your views on GPO. To Know detail on Roblox Generator,check here.

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