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Gration website Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Gration website Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website? -> This article gives a review of a newly launched webstore that sells kennels and cat beds.

Have you ever bought kennels or pet beds online? Today there are several websites available for such items. One of them is gration.pw, which got launched only a few days back. To shop on a newly set-up webstore, we should know about its legitimacy. Thus, we researched and analyzed the website and got Gration website Reviews, for the buyers to judge.

It is crucial first to know how genuine a new webstore is and then spend your hard-earned money. With a lot of scamming and fraud going on the web currently, we need to be careful. Hence, we tell you the pros and cons of the new website and give all requisite information about this United States website.

To get a detailed analysis of the e-store that is so young and sells products that are so popular among pet-lovers, keep reading further.

What is Gration.pw?

It is a newly launched webstore that sells pet beds like kennels, cat beds, and mats. The items on display are quite attractive in looks. The price range is quite reasonable, and the shipping is free. The product gets delivered at your doorstep in around 5 to 10 days. The returns get accepted within thirty days, and refunds get processed in approximately 1 to 7 days.

The payment methods available are Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. A contact address and a phone number are available for contact. Email-id is also available for support.

Specifications of Gration.pw

  • Website type – Online retailer of pet beds
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping fee – Free
  • Returns and Exchanges – Accepted in 30 days.
  • Contact address – 9, Hollywood Ave Bronx, NY 10465
  • Telephone – 708 955 3059
  • Contact Person – Chanel Lovelac Hernandez
  • Email Id – service@gration.pw
  • Payment modes – Visa, Mastercard, PayPal
  • Social Media – No presence

Prons of buying from Gration.pw

  • A range of good pet beds is available.
  • The shipping fee is free.

Cons of buying from Gration.pw

  • A young website (launched only 25 days ago)
  • No reviews on WebOfTrust and Trust Pilot
  • No presence detected on social media.

Is Gration.pw Legit?

The website Gration.pw is a new webstore that was set-up only 25 days ago. It has a short life expectancy of only 365 days. Such sites are shut down very soon and can put customer’s money at risk. The website from the United States involves another country that comes under the list of high-risk countries. Such countries are known for fraud and corruption and are known to be used by scammers.

According to Gration website Reviews, the website has no presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram too. It also has a very low ranking on Alexa, which shows low-website traffic for the new e-store. The website is highly unpopular on the web and does not have any feedback available on WebOfTrust or Trust Pilot.

The website uses a secure https protocol, but its’ free version is also used by certain scamsters to fool the buyers. Thus, we cannot trust this new webstore and cannot call it completely legit.

What are People Talking about Gration.pw?

A few positive reviews are crucial for a webshop to be successful in its business and among its customers. Thus, we searched for Gration website Reviews and did not find any positive ones. There is only warnings available online for the new buyers related to this website. The new webstore is considered a possible scam by the people who shop online.

There is nil presence of any review on the social media platforms as well. That shows the untrustworthiness of the new webstore. The website has very few or even no customers who visit the site. That very well indicates that customers do not trust this site for buying pet beds for their pets.

The Final Verdict

In the end, we can say that the webshop Gration.pw is too young to be considered trustworthy and is highly unpopular. The absence of positive reviews online makes it more unreliable and a possible scam. There is no association with the social media platforms, which again makes it a suspicious website that is considered risky to use.

We warn the buyers and customers who love to shop online, beware, and try to avoid such threatful websites, that can put your money at risk. Today, several legit sites can be browsed without any fear and can be used for shopping for your favorite items.

0 thoughts on “Gration website Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website?

  1. I made an order from this website. The payment method only allowed for PayPal, and the payment went to a Helen Souter (who is not listed on the website). The USPS tracking number was recycled and showed that the item was delivered before I even ordered it. I was charged an additional $12, but it doesn’t say what for. The phone number provided does not reach a person. It rings and then goes to a busy signal. The address provided is a small residential address, not a warehouse. They did not send a receipt to the email provided. I got scammed!

  2. It is 100% a scam website. Lost a good chunk of money to them. They say they are from the US but the recipient on PayPal was Korean. Phone numbers don’t work, nor do emails.

  3. I believe they are a scam . I made a purchase through Paypal. I never received a conformation email, they emails they provide come back Daemon. They didn’t answer phone. I did receive email from Paypal with shipping info but the tracking number said I got a package 7/8, I made on order 7/13? This website screams scam to me. Thank God I used Paypal I will get my money back. Do not put out your creditcard info!!!!!!

  4. I too was scammed by them, but thankfully PayPal refunded my money. This website really needs to be shut down. They send tracking numbers that they steal from somewhere and claim they are sending you your package. Do not use them

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