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Greyboom Clippers Reviews {July} Shop On Legit Site

Greyboom Clippers Reviews  {July} Shop On Legit Site -> In this article, you get to know about an electric hair clipper.

Everyone wants to look good behold the good embarking personality everywhere with their grooming sense. Many electric clippers might be in your collection from many online stores. 

Now its your time to check Greyboom Clippers.

Currently, this product is more famous in the United States.

We have come across many Greyboom Clippers Reviews. As this product is new in the market, the product awareness about this product is quite low.

What is Greyboom Clippers?

Greyboom Clippers is on Summer Hot Sales on Greyboom com. It is a zero gaped trimmer hair clipper. It adored as an ideal gift for men on the sire, that is indeed true. Clippers are indeed needed devices in everyday routine use.

Electric hair clippers date back to 1920s where it was automized in industrial revolution apart from regular manual hair clippers. Since then, it is in the market with reasonable demands.

These are rechargeable cordless hair clippers. It compasses a battery to carry out the operations. The cordless electric hair clippers have the advantage of mobility in any space as well as perk to work on battery power.

Well, is your money assured? Upto what extent your money is safe if you buy Greyboom Clippers? Is Greyboom Clippers Legit?

Let us know more about this product in a broad spectrum in our Greyboom Clippers reviews.

Specifications of Greyboom Clippers

  • Choices of colors- Gold, gradient, Black, and Silver.
  • The serial number of the model- T8-B
  • Power supply- 3 watt
  • The capacity of the battery- 700m Ah 
  • The time needed to charge the battery- 2 hours
  • Working hours covered on full charged battery- 2 hours
  • Blade compatibility- it is compatible with Andis Slimline blade
  • Charging input voltage- 5 volts
  • Charging input amperage- 1 ampere
  • Battery type- Lithium-ion
  • Height of the clipper- 5.9 inches
  • Length of the clipper- 1.3 inches

What comes in the Greyboom Clipper package?

  • Hair outlines grooming trimmer
  • Adapter
  • Shaving lubricant
  • USB Cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Four guide combs of 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, and 9mm.

Pros of Greyboom Clippers

  • Fine carbon-steel T blade giving zero gaped closed cutting performance.
  • Convenience and cordless freedom offered by T-Outliner.
  • Safe to use without damaging the skin.
  • The R shaped sharp angle design leads to more safety, no sticking of hairs, and water-resistant.
  • Dedicated USB charging of the clipper.
  • The noise level of this hair clipper during the operation is shallow.
  • Comes with four guide blades which helps you select and retain the sizes of hairs you wish to cut.
  • A powerful rotary motor gives more speed.
  • It can perform well on thin or thick strands.

Cons of Greyboom Clippers

  • There are many hairclippers in the market with adjustable guide blades which gives you freedom of changing it as well as losing many.
  • The battery has moderate capacity at 700 m Ah.
  • The charging time of this product is 2 hours which is much more as compared to modern electric hair clippers with fast charging technology.
  • There are no other accessories available separately on the website.
  • Delivery of products can take up to 15 days which is too much time.
  • In the product description, we did not found any certificate of safety or standards for this product.

Is Greyboom Clippers Legit?

Is Greyboom Clippers Legit? We came across many facts and reasons that hiked our suspicion towards the legitimacy of this product. The price of the clipper is somehow parallel to many identical products on a significant eCommerce website. But in box accessories are not sufficient for the price you pay.

As of today, the domain age of the website is almost two months, which is not so good to be easily trusted. And the SSL certificate of the site is expiring on September 13, 2020. Which makes us feel awkward for availing future services you might need for the product.

What are customers saying about Greyboom Clippers?

The customer reviews available on the website are very positive. They say that they loved the product; it runs right on thick hairs, it is powerful, the loved ones whom they gifted felt perfect about it.

Final Verdict

Apart from the home website, there are no other customer reviews found on any other websites, which means that reviews are not real. The delivery time taken is high, and many good hair clippers with better accessories at best are also available on many websites. 

Piling up all research data we would like to conclude that Greyboom Clipper is not Legit.

0 thoughts on “Greyboom Clippers Reviews {July} Shop On Legit Site

  1. I ordered a pair of Greyboom clippers then later became concerned that I fell for a scam. I emailed customer service to cancel my order then they mailed my package the next day. It shipped from China and took a couple weeks to arrive, but so far they appear to be good quality. However I would recommend buying from other sites as prices are similar but without the anxiety or wait times.

  2. I purchased your greyboom gold clipper set on July 25 2020 order # 200726112635725. I was expecting to receive my package within 7 to 12 days. I haven’t received it yet. The money was taken off my debit card ending in 1724. If there is a problem I would like my money returned or I would like the clippers I purchased.

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