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Guest Post Contributor – Share Genuine Blogs With Us

The Write-up below exclusively shares the methods to become Guest Post Contributor with our sites.

We as a team always welcome and appreciate the best quality content for our website and encourage the writers to show their writing skills, featuring the businesses that we do and attracting the attention of the marketing enthusiasts.

We receive a huge number of applications every day. Some seem to be suitable while others do not. So, we have mentioned all the guidelines needed to become a Guest Post Contributor.

Who is chosen for Dodbuzz.com?

We consider the writings from those who understand the meaning of the work we do and those who are very proficient in this profession with fluency in speech and writing in the English language. We need the best quality content for our website without any grammatical errors and need unique content. We suggest kindly looking into the considerations.

What type of content is accepted?

The post must be unique and copied from anywhere else with the required number of words. A special keyword is given to every writer as a Guest Post Contributor that must be repeated within a certain word limit. A good look should be taken on what is currently being written on the blog and should be sure of not mentioning anything that has been covered before.

At the same time, you can add links to your site if that connects with what is written on the post. We will be checking that link and will not be adding the links that share unethical practices or shady things. We are very conscious about the post that we write and share, so we will be checking every post given by Guest Post Contributor and, without checking, won’t be posting anything on the website.

The contents should be self-promotional, and if there are related images to the post, they must be added for better reference. We don’t appreciate sole writings, and some images must be posted. The written content should be simple and friendly, and it must be filled with statistics.

You may include up to two links to your blog or service, and the manager will decide which link is to be submitted.

Confused with the Images?

It takes immense time to find the right fit of the images with the content that we post as Guest Post Contributor. Sometimes, we don’t find the right fit, which becomes a brain game. So, here we are with some ideas that can help you post images.

  • You can include screenshots of the process described in your content.
  • You can provide an image of the graph or charts you mentioned.
  • One can also consider the real-world examples with the post that you are writing.
  • We suggest you research Google and find the suitable link for your content 

Interested in Pitching an Idea!

We welcome new ideas from our Guest Post contributor for our website and appreciate the writers who give us ideas. Once you have shared your idea, you must wait for two to three weeks to get a response. Unfortunately, if you don’t respond, feel free to follow up.

Guest Post Contributor Guidelines

  • The word count of the guest post should be within 1000 words.
  • It must be free from plagiarism and writers need to maintain the uniqueness of the content.
  • Writers need to pay attention to create appropriate headers and subheadings for improved usability in the article.
  • Every content needs to be based on authentic information. 
  • Writers need to share content that is free of spelling mistakes.
  • Every writer should pay attention to include an insight into the benefits, drawbacks, and features.
  • It should be easy to read, comprehensive, and engaging.

How to submit?

We can see that writing and posting content on the website is hassle-free, and only certain points are needed to be kept in mind of the Guest Post Contributor to ensure the smooth flow of the process. The unique content will gather maximum attention, and once you are ready with your content please reach us via mail id. contact.dodbuzz@gmail.com Our experts will check the content and will publish it once accepted by our team.

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