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Guilherme Suicide {July} Know About This Tragedy Here!

Here we discuss undergraduate student Guilherme Suicide, what people have to say on Twitter, and tips on dealing with thesis defense anxiety.

Have you read the Twitter thread related to the suicide of a student during thesis defense? A heart-breaking post from Twitter user Julopesssouzas is reaching many people. Are you aware of this news? If not, we are here to give related information.

Suicide by another student raises many questions about students’ psychological health and suicidal thoughts. Suicide has become a public health concern in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere worldwide. This post will talk about Guilherme Suicide; let us discuss it.

Guilherme Suicide {July} Know About This Tragedy Here!

What is the news?

A tweet post from a Twitter user posted on July 11, 2022, at 2:20 p.m. has now reached 60.9k users. The tweet is regarding a suicide committed by an undergraduate student Guilherme. In the tweet, she says, “a suicide committed this week during thesis defense by an undergraduate student.” She mentioned that people there say he was humiliated by one of his evaluators. 

Moreover, Juliana added we must take immediate measures to address cerebral health in academia and vigorously combat academic bullies. After her tweet on Guilherme Suicide Thesis Defense, many people retweeted about their condition and thoughts during the thesis defense. Julopesssouzas ended the post by stating, “I’m sorry, we failed you, Guilherme.”

What do people have to say about this post?

Many users write it is not new in academia, but we need to take serious action to stop bullying and to stop increasing college student suicide attempts. One Twitter user said even I was in a similar condition when they said they were unsure if they could pass me. Another user has to say that most defenses are fine, but in the worst conditions, situations can be more serious than you imagine.

Guilherme Suicide Thesis, tips to manage thesis defense stress?

It is intimidating to stand and defend your research in front of professionals. But students need to understand it is part of their degree program. However, here are certain tips you can apply to control your fear.

  • Breathe in, relax and trust yourself and your research work. 
  • If you stammer, take some time, relax and then proceed again.
  • Develop a habit of public speaking so that you are more confident in front of them.
  • Trouble eye contacting professors? Look somewhere else for sometimes on their face instead.
  • Do prepare well and rehearse before presentation day.

Guilherme Student Suicide should not happen, but we can prevent future incidents together. If you have suicidal thoughts for any reason, talk to someone whom you feel comfortable with. It is not easy to be in your situation but remember hard times will not last forever.

What is Thesis Defense?

The thesis defense is the last step in an academic career where the student presents their research work on their chosen thesis topic in front of a panel of academics. Later, the student needs to answer the queries of professionals. Further, professors will decide if the thesis will publish or need improvement.


Guilherme Suicide raises many questions about the psychological health conditions of college students. We hope now you are aware of this incident. You can read the Twitter post from Julopessouzas here.

Do you have to share any tips to cope with such situations? We would like to hear from you so you can comment and tell our readers.

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