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Gurty Roblox {Apr} A Recent Updates About The Game!

Gurty Roblox {Apr} A Recent Updates About The Game!>> Are you searching for the new update of the piggy? Have a glance at the article to know the details.

Roblox is one of the famous gaming platforms which bring a lot of creative games for their gamers. Every game offers a new adventure and challenge for the robloxian, and that’s why Worldwide people love to play Roblox games. 

Every year, many April Fools games and events are organized to have fun with robloxians. This, time Gurty Roblox is introduced in the game. Let’s discuss this piggy character in detail. 

What is Roblox Piggy?

Roblox piggy is one of the popular horror games of Roblox where the maps are chosen and voted. The most voted one wins the game. Last year, Roblox piggy tried to befool its players. This time it has introduced a gurty character in the game. Piggy has shared all the character’s details on its main page and has mentioned the game’s description.

It’s for sure that once the game will begin you have to run to save your life from Gurty Roblox as it wants to kill you.

How to get this April fool update? 

The update in piggy Roblox is available on the official website of Roblox so that you can download it easily. Apart from gurty character, you can add all the recent updates. The gurty does not have skin types, but a gurt house is available in the game itself. So you can visit it while playing. You have to stay in touch with the gaming platform for the latest accessories of gurty.

How does Gurty Roblox look?

  • It is a scary character, unlike all other piggy characters. It’s smart enough to make a trap to kill your avatar. 
  • Gurty has two eyeholes, out of which one is red. Moreover, it is carrying a stick in his hands.
  • The gurty is dangerous and kills many avatars in a very less time. So, you have to be careful while dealing with this new skin.

It has some common features, like all the piggy characters of the game. By glancing at the points mentioned above, we got some idea of how does gurty looks.

How do gamers react?

To make your April’s fool day more interesting, Roblox has offered the latest updates, out of which introducing a dangerous skin like Gurty Roblox was one of the exciting updates for the gamers. People have put down YouTube videos by sharing their experiences with gurty. They enjoyed their missions while playing with the new horror skin type and wanted it to become a permanent character.


Robloxian, it’s a new challenge for you to complete your mission by escaping from the trap of gurty. It is the scariest character of the game.

We want all of the robloxian to download the April fool updates and make your Roblox platform more exciting. Don’t miss out sharing your experience of Gurty Roblox with us.

Are you aware of some other update of April fool? Please let us know in the comment section.

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