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Halalan 2022 Pangasinan {May} Discover Voting Results!

This post on Halalan 2022 Pangasinan will inform the readers about the results of the election and also about the incidents reported in the country.

Who will get the Presidency in the Philippines? The elections in the nation have kept everyone in confusion. People Worldwide are waiting to know the President of the Philippines. The Presidency affects the future as well as the fortune of the nation. This post on Halalan 2022 Pangasinan will help in informing you about the election results.

Also, we will discuss other valuable details regarding the elections so that the readers get more clarity on this particular topic.

Why is everyone asking for results?

People have filled the search engines with updates on results. Not only Filipinos but people from across the country’s boundary are waiting for the results. Now every person knows that the Presidency of one country affects the whole world as a matter of the relation between the countries. Thus, people are making this update trending on every social media and online platform.

Halalan 2022 Result Pangasinan

Pangasinan region’s results have been evaluated on many sources from Comelec Data. We will discuss the governor, vice-governor, provincial board member, and Congressman here.

For the governor’s post, the votes got to the respective person are:

  • GUICO, RAMON III – 883,864 Votes
  • ESPINO, POGI – 696,509 Votes
  • JIMENEZ, ROLLY – 6,203 Votes
  • PADILLA, CALOY – 3,239 Votes

Thus, Guico is in the number one position and seems to win this election for the governor’s post. 

For the vice-governor’s post, the voting are as follows: 

  • LAMBINO, MARK – 876,565 Votes
  • REYES, NIKIBOY – 549,487 Votes

Hence, we can see that Lambino is at a higher position in Halalan 2022 Pangasinan.

For Provincial Board Member, here is the voting list for the first providers:

  • FONTELERA, NONG – 115,345 Votes
  • BACAY, APPLE – 106,374 Votes
  • HUMILDE-VERZOSA, ORANGE – 85,628 Votes
  • CAMBA, RICKY – 71,751 Votes

Thus, we can say that Fontelera is at the top position. 

The congressman results for the first leg dist are as follows:

  • CELESTE, ART – 155,320 Votes
  • ORBOS, OSCAR – 82,966 Votes

Thus, Celeste has more votes than Orbos. There is another leg dist also, which you can see in the link provided at last.

Violence related to Elections

The PNP said in a report that during Halalan 2022 Pangasinan elections, the country reported the incidents of violence in Magsingal where the supporters of the mayoral had resulted in shooting incidents where four were injured, and four died.


Summing up this post, we have informed our readers about the elections and votes that the candidates got. You will know who is at the top position in each field. This post also informs the incidents that took place in some of the country’s cities. This post will help you get all the relevant details. Please check this link to get more updates on the Philippines Election Results.

Was this post on Halalan 2022 Pangasinan provided you with all the detailed knowledge on the election results? Please let us know.

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