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Halsdon Manor Dolton {Aug 2021} Get Property Details!

This article details all the information about halsdon manor dolton, which belonged to a popular celebrity.

Have you recently seen a lot of news about the house we mentioned above? Are you wondering why halsdon manor dolton is so special and how much it is worth? If yes, then we are here to answer these questions and more! This major belonged to a late celebrity, and hence people have been looking up about his beloved property?

This house situated in the United Kingdom has recently garnered the attention of many people and especially Rolling Stones fans! If you cannot connect the dots, please read our article till the end for clarification.

What is the Halsdon Manor?

Halsdon Manor, also known as the Halsdon House or the halsdon manor dolton, is a popular and beautiful seven-bedroom property located between acres of green land, boasting the Halsdon Arabian Horse Stud farm along with stables. This manor is located in Dolton. Dolton is a civil parish and rural village in North Devon, a popular country in the United Kingdom. This house is surrounded by breathtaking views of greenery from the Halsdon Nature Reserve and is basically in between forests and grasslands. This is a building of special architectural features and historical interest as well.

Why is the halsdon manor dolton so famous? 

The main reason for Halsdons Manor’s fame is that the celebrated rock artist Charlie Watts, the drummer of the world-famous Rolling Stones band, lived in this house along with his wife, Shirley. They bought acres of land surrounding the house to make a horse farm of more than 200 horses and stables for sheltering them. As a result, this estate became a popular and unique tourist attraction. Not only Charlie, but the popular writer and poet William Cay also lived here. This property is architecturally beautiful, and being the residence of celebrities added even more value to it; hence, it is worth several million dollars currently.

Why are people interested in this property now?

People have been looking up halsdon manor dolton quite a lot recently because the owner of this property, Charlie Watts, has recently passed away at the age of 80 as announced by his publicist. He said that Charlie passed away quietly in a London hospital and was surrounded by his loving family during the time. People will show interest in his estate now that he has passed away. Many people, especially Rolling Stones fans want to know who will get his legacy and how they can acquire this beautiful property. 


Our conclusion about the halsdon manor dolton is that this gorgeous property is forever going to be in the memory of the beloved Charlie Watts, who has left it behind for his family, and they probably will not want to sell it. Moreover, it has been listed under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 for special architectural or historic interest.

You can find outmore about Charlie Watts by clicking here.

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