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{Full Watch Video} Harlem Shake Poop Twitter Video: Is It On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram

What is Harlem Shake Poop Twitter Video? What is Steezy Grossman and Blippi Pop Archive? Read details on the topic TiktokInstagramYoutube, and Telegram

Why is Harlem Shake Poop Twitter Video trending? What is Harlem Shake? Who is Steezy Grossman? Why are people discussing about the Harlem Shake poop video? People from Chile and Mexico are interested to know about the viral meme video. Let us discuss the topic in-depth.

Harlem Shake Poop Twitter Video

As per the information collected from different internet sources, this is an old trending topic on the internet. It is around five years old because the interviews with the person in-trend were taken in 2019. A famous character today, ”Blippi” was formerly known as ”Steezy Grossman.” 

Harlem Shake Poop Steezy Grossman was once a topic of discussion. The video titled ”Harlem Shake Poop” was released in 2013 in a different YouTube age. Steven John, who played the role of Steezy Grossman, used to make comedy videos on the internet. One of his videos, in which he pooped all over his friend, is his biggest regret. 

Harlem Shake Poop Twitter Video

More Details on Harlem Shake Blippi Pop Archive

When the dancing meme on the song Harlem Shake went viral on the internet in 2013. Steezy Grossman, A.K.A Steven John, made his version of the meme, which he expressed his regret with Buzzfeed in February 2019. In the video uploaded on Youtube, the character Steezy Grossman defecated on his naked friend, who was lying with his face towards the ground. 

The video was a comic one, and people at the time loved the video. But, when Steven jumped into the kid’s educational videos and made a character known as Blippi, he felt how inappropriate his move was. Today, he even regrets doing that. 

More Details on Harlem Shake Blippi Pop Archive

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Is Blippi on Tiktok & More?

Today, Steven’s Blippi character is famous among kids. He makes educational videos for kids on YouTube. Blippi’s fan following is huge, and kids always want to see more of Blippi’s content. Steven created it in February 2014, and Steven played the character Blippi.  

Blippi’s Instagram and other social media accounts are available. We will provide details about it in the below section. Since 2021, Clayton Grimm has started to play Blippi in live performances and will continue to play Blippi along with Steven. The show has had several spin-offs on many broadcasting networks worldwide. 

Tiktok & Other Social Media Accounts of Blippi

Here is the list of Blippi’sBlippi’s social media accounts, along with the links. 

The channel has more than 19 million subscribers. They have uploaded more than 823 videos.

On Facebook, Blippi has 750 thousand followers. The page is active.

On this platform, Blippi has more than 750 thousand followers and uploaded more than 1100 posts. 

The character Blippi is a big hit, and maybe that’s why Steven Steezy Grossman regrets his choices as a twenty-year-old content creator.

Tiktok & Other Social Media Accounts of Blippi


Today’s article on Harlem Shake Poop Steezy Grossman, has provided facts about the topic. Steezy Grossman’s Harlem Shake poop video was one of his regrets in life. Steven has spoken about the video with Buzzfeed in 2019. He is now famous for his character Blippi among kids. Kids watch his videos regularly, even on Telegram. Blippi is always trending. For more details on Blippi, click here. 

Have you ever watched Steezy Grossman’s videos? Please share your reviews of Harlem Shake Blippi Pop Archive in the comments.

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