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Harry James Pei {May} Read Heartbreaking News Here!

Are you aware of the death news of Harry James Pei? Read the below passages to know more.

Have you heard the death news of a popular person in Prince Edward Island, Canada? If you are excited to detect the latest updates, please follow up with this writing. 

When someone close to us passes away, we don’t know how to deal with it. Also, during this period, we feel that we have lost our senses. The James family is experiencing a similar feeling due to the tragic death of one of the family members, Harry James Pei. So, let us illustrate the related details below today. 

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Who Is Harry James From PEI?

According to the survey, he was a famous personality known for his kind-hearted and welcoming nature. In addition, he had a big family, which he loved from the bottom of his heart. But sadly, on 26th May 2022, he passed away at the age of 81. However, the cause of Harry’s death is not yet revealed on any online source. 

Harry attained fame in the area because he was the best top appliance- repairer and a generous person. Now, let us discuss the further ceremony details after his terrible death in the below passage. 

Harry James Obituary Pei Details

While studying a source, we discovered that the visiting function would take place at Belvedere Funeral Home from 2 pm to 4 pm and from 7 pm to 9 pm on 30th May 2022. However, on 31st May 2022, at St. Dunstan’s Basilica, the funeral mass will commence from 10 am to 11 am. Moreover, the burial will occur in the Roman Catholic Cemetery of Charlottetown. 

If you want to contribute to a memorial, you can donate online to Kids Sport or pay to Provincial Palliative Care Centre through a cheque. So, let us quickly progress to the next passage to reveal more threads about the recent death of Harry James Pei

Other Connected Details 

Our research noted that he was born on 11th July 1940, and left behind his wife, Donna Garnhum, with children, Todd, Melissa, Wade, Michael, and ‘Harry Junior,’ eight grandchildren, a brother, and a daughter-in-law. In addition, he was well-known as a hockey coach. Also, he sells UPEI hockey game tickets. 

Moreover, his lighting skills during Christmas were also loved by many nearby residents. His repairing service was run by James Harry J and achieved much positive feedback due to his excellent service. Moreover, upon researching Harry James Obituary Pei, we understood from a source that many people are paying condolences to the James family due to his loss. In addition, many commented that he was kind and an excellent repairman. Therefore, we are saddened by Harry’s death news and praying for the family. 


This composition has shed light on the current death news of Harry James. In addition, we discovered that he passed away on 26th May 2022, but the death reason is not yet publicly announced. Learn more details on his funeral news here.

Do you know Harry James Pei? Please share your experience with him below. 

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