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Harvester mm2 Value {Nov 2021} What More Can Be Fun?

If you are a Roblox player and want to explore information about the new weapon of the Murder Mystery 2 game, read this article on Harvester mm2 Value.

Roblox games are one of the top video games. The game will get updated many times to keep the players engaged. The trendiest news is about the Roblox Murder Mystery game, with exciting features and new updates.

In this article, we will tell you about the Murder Mystery 2 game weapon Harvester. The news of Harvester mm2 Value has raised many people’s eyebrows in all parts of the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australiaand the Philippines. 

Let’s discuss Murder Mystery 2 first.               

Murder Mystery 2 Roblox:

Roblox game is a virtual online playground for all age group players specially designed for 13 to 18-year-old people. Players can choose their desired avatar and play, chat, and collaborate online on many projects. Players can also shop items and accessories like outfits and weapons like Harvester to make their game interesting. Harvester mm2 Value is quite high.

There are thousands of games over Roblox. Murder Mystery is one of the popular games. Murder Mystery 2 is based on solving mysteries of murder and running and hiding from a murderer. Players can use their detective skills to solve the mystery and to expose the murderer. 

The gameplay of Murder Mystery 2:     

In the game, some Innocents run and want to hide from murderers, the Sheriff who works to help innocents and the one who only has weapons. And there is a murderer who can eliminate everyone in the game and escape from the Sheriff.

Harvester mm2 Value has made people crazy. There are hundreds of weapons and knives which can be collected and used while playing games. And there are levels to cross like Level 10, Level 20, Level 30, and many, which get difficult as you cross each level. 

Harvester Weapon:

Harvester is a gun-type weapon that looks ancient and is a single-tier obtained only by spending candies. 

Features of Harvester weapon:

  • It is the first introduced crossbow.
  • It has an ancient look.
  • It is the only shooting gun.
  • It has a sound effect.
  • It needs to be purchased and is equal to 6,000 Robux worth of candies.

Harvester mm2 Value:

Murder Mystery has 6.7 billion players and was launched on January 18, 2014. There are many weapons in Murder Mystery 2 games like Reaver, Godly Weapon, Icewing. 

The Harvester will function after buying the final tier of Halloween Event 2021. And the price of Harvester is 80,000 candies. The Halloween event started on October 23, 2021. Introduced Godly knives, Chroma knife, Reaver, Chroma Candleflame, Ancient Harvester gun, and Ancient Knife. There are 30 tiers. All will cost 600 candies. The last tier will cost 80,000, which includes Harvester the ancient gun.

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After discussing Harvester mm2 Valuewe can conclude the weapon cost is quite high, and people are very interested in buying it. It is available at Halloween Events, which has already been on. So, are you a Murder Mystery 2 player and curious to get Harvester? If yes, do share your excitement with us.

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