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Healy Device Reviews [July] Is This Business Legit?

Healy Device Reviews [July] Is This Business Legit? -> This article will explain an ingenious frequency-therapy device that helps you stay fit and bio energetically rejuvenated.

Who doesn’t want to feel strong, active, and healthy in life? We all crave for a perfect balance between body and mind. Healy Device offers you exactly what you are looking for. 

This innovative invention supports you in stressful situations in the day and helps you find more peace in the evening.

Their company has registration in the United States and more many countries all over the world.

With the help of Healy Device Reviews, you will learn if this device is worth your time and money. Let us find out together-

What is Healy Device?

Healy Device offers you applications to stay fit and healthy. The parent company of Healy Device is TimeWaver company, which has been in business for 14 years. 

The United States FDA has recently cleared Healy Device as an over-the-counter pain reliever device. 

The device has the backing of scientific research and works on the principle of frequency application.  

It can work as a therapy of mental illness such as sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety.

An important point to note is that Healy Device does not cure or prevent disease. It activates your energy reservoirs and, in turn, improves your energy balance. This directly translates to enhancing your recovery, vitality, and well-being.

Healy Device programs help you energize within 20 minutes of their application. One can use Healy Device while at home, exercising, or watching your favorite TV series.

Healy Device also allows you to earn money through referrals and compensation plans under the Healy World opportunity.

Specifications of Healy Device:

  • Products- Wearable devices with frequency applications for an improved lifestyle &health, and Healy Compensation Plan
  • Price range- 497 to 2497 euros
  • Website- https://www2.healy.shop/en-us/
  • Shipping fee- Applicable as per destination
  • Mode of payment- Credit card, PayPal, or Direct bank transfer

Pros of Healy Device:

  • It is an easy-to-use portable device.
  • A unique device that offers a host of applications
  • Offers individual programs to support you
  • Has a variety of tools like the Digital Nutrition App, the Healy Watch and many more
  • Offers you the opportunity to work from home
  • You also earn points by selling the device and when your members & customers upgrade 

Cons of Healy Device:

  • Does not diagnose, cure, mitigate, or prevent a disease
  • A bit expensive
  • Shipping is not free.
  • The company seems to focus quite a lot on expanding business through their customers.

How doesHealy Device work?

Follow the 3-step easy formula to set up the Healy Device-

  • Download the app- Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Download the Healy Device App. Follow the instructions, and the app will be set on your smartphone.
  • Integrate the device with your phone- Turn on the Healy Device. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone and connect. Healy App will give clear instructions to help you integrate your phone with the device.
  • Start your program- The App offers many programs; you can choose the one that suits your needs. Each program works on a different frequency to help different areas of your body. The programs also have time adjustments to give you the optimum benefit of frequency therapy. You have to start the program and feel the magic. 

What are people saying about Healy Device?

The internet is booming with positive comments from Haley Device customers.

Consumers from all walks of life, whether office-goers, beauty professionals, students, naturopaths, or homemakers, are very appreciative of the results.

Customers on Facebook and YouTube are happy about Healy’s energy frequencies for detoxifying trauma, stress, and fear. 

In a nutshell, this wearable for energetic well-being and balance is highly recommended by its users.

Final verdict:

We have dedicated our time and conducted in-depth research to generate Healy Device Reviews for you. These reviews give an insight if Healy Device is a legitimate long-term opportunity or merely a waste of money. 

As per our investigation and customer reviews, Healy Device is not a scam but a legit company. It has been in business since 2008. Its users have benefitted immensely from the wide spectrum of the device. 

In addition to providing pain therapy, customers are also happy with the company’s MLM opportunity.

We recommend the use of Healy Device to the readers of this article.

Please feel free to share information on the product or on how to become a Healy Device member or customer.

18 thoughts on “Healy Device Reviews [July] Is This Business Legit?

  1. I had a terrible experience with Healy. A friend from my hot yoga class convinced me to try it because I am overworked and tired (I wrote 3 books and a long research project in about 2 years). She put the device on me around 9:30 PM and it took around 50 minutes as I recall. She did not warn me that it could cause insomnia. I was up past 4:00 AM, unable to sleep, which is not like me at all. That was 3 nights ago and I have had headaches and all sorts of health issues and insomnia since the treatment. I am very healthy, swim and bicycle daily, and had no pain before Healy, but have some head pain now and feel nauseated. I would never recommend this product.

    1. Hi Deana, I’m sorry to hear this. I personally don’t run programs at night, unless its sleep or calming, because It does send frequency and can wake up parts of the body. It could also be that the program was run for too long or too high or a % and as with everything sometimes good to start slow and work your way up. The technology has been out for a long time, originating from Rife, Tesla and others and is proven effective, while not a cure for any disease. I hope this helps.

  2. To be clear: I have had some history with insomnia and if I had been warned that insomnia was a side effect, I never would have consented to this treatment. For months I have been sleeping well, and this device triggered insomnia in me. Please be aware of this.

  3. I have used my new Healy for a number of conditions. One of them is to induce Sleep. It works. Why didn’t you try that? Have not had any ill after effects and have used several of the many programs on my body. I think it is close to a miracle machine.

  4. I have a Healy Resonance, the programs are great and it makes a difference to my body, HOWEVER, my blue tooth on my device is not working and I have sent several emails to Healy support with a month since I sent the first email and automated responses sent back from Healy stating we need more time, I have to comment that the aftersales customer care is beyond sad.

  5. I have a Healy Resonance, the programs are great and it makes a difference to my body, HOWEVER, my blue tooth on my device is not working and I have sent several emails to Healy support with a month since I sent the first email and automated responses sent back from Healy stating we need more time, I have to comment that the AFTERSALES CUSTOMER CARE IS BEYOND SAD, ITS NON EXISTANT.

    1. A similiar thing happened to me. I purchased my Healy in September and it arrived in November. It worked for a couple of hours and then died. Trying to get help from Healy is impossible. Only automated responses. Have you had any luck with yours?

  6. Sounds too good to be true. Can’t find any information on what a “program” is and consists of. I have also noticed an unhealthy identification and protectionism of the top figure of the organization making this interested party nervous about cultish followers irregardless of the products authenticity. Remain open minded and observant.

  7. IF this product is SO GOOD? Why not sell in to the public?
    Also, seeing the ‘low level of knowledge’ to use this device, the danger is that many people will/not understand the impact that this device could have on other persons!
    WHY does HEALY need to be purchased via a ‘pyramid’ like structure as MLM?
    I hope someone will reply to my questions, after all our health is NOT a product !

  8. Sadly Karel, our health is not only a product, it’s a SIXTEEN BILLION DOLLAR per year product! I am a nurse, and what bothers me most (well, actually there are SO many things about this product and it’s marketing/sales, its’ secretive attitude regarding the products’ actual mechanism of action, and the vague use of descriptors like “it revitalizes”, “it energizes”, “it opens your neural pathways” essentially fancy sounding things, which medically speaking, mean absolutely nothing). But I am most bothered by their liberal use of the term “FDA CLEARED”. While impressive sounding, it means NOTHING! While FDA APPROVED means that something has undergone rigorous testing (including human trials) and has been approved for safe effective use, and that any side effects of the drug or medical device are outweighed by the substantial benefits the patient can reasonably expect to receive. FDA CLEARED, on the other hand, means that THIS product is substantially similar to another product which has already been approved OR CLEARED in the past! However, in MANY cases, the product that a manufacturer is claiming a substantial similarity to, may have been recalled due to horrible side effects, or adverse reactions! To be “FDA cleared” there is ZERO requirement that the product this is based on is even still on the market! So theoretically, a product could receive FDA clearance based on a substantial similarity to a product which itself was only FDA cleared because IT was substantially similar to a third product, and THAT was FDA cleared because it was substantially similar to a FOURTH a product which may have been recalled due to any number of equally horrific reasons THIRTY YEARS AGO! So to summarize: They do not sell directly to the public, instead they are a multi-level marketing firm, relying on “patients” selling them to friends and family for a commission! They do NOT make ONE solid verifiable medical claim, instead relying on flowery “new-age sounding “ terms like “it revitalizes”, “it increases energy”, “it aids in healing” (BTW, soap and water “aid in healing” wounds, by keeping the wound clean)… Literally every claim they make is ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE! Therefore, all they need to do is produce ONE person who claims to “feel revitalized” after using the product and they cannot be charged with false, deceptive, or misleading advertising! This is a product that I would avoid at all costs! One last thing… NEVER rely on personal endorsements regarding a product when every person who uses it, and swears on its’ efficacy are also salespeople for the product! Good luck with whatever your medical condition is. If I may offer some friendly advice, please seek medical help for what is bothering you. Usually I would say that it may cost more, but that is because it is worth it… however, it this case, actual medical attention may in fact be LESS expensive than this thing! Again, good luck sweetie!

  9. This device had been investigated by researchers/specialist from Dutch Consumer television program ‘Radar’ and their verdict is that it is a scan. The most ‘advanced’ version does contain only relatively standard electronic parts wearth around 10 dollar/euro.

  10. This device has been investigated by researchers/specialists from Dutch Consumer television program ‘Radar’ and their verdict is that it is a scam. The most ‘advanced’ version does contain only relatively standard electronic parts wearth around 10 dollar/euro.

  11. Don’t fall for this business. I wanted to order a healy during their promotion. It didn’t work and they deducted the price twice from my credit card. I have tried to get in touch with them for over a month now! They owe me 3500$. That’s a lot of money.
    And about the product. If you do any kind of meditation, like from Dr Joe Dispenza or Sadhguru, you really do NOT need this device. This is the kind of device that takes you away from you, so you become addicted to this thing, rather than learning to listen to your body.
    I used it for jaw pain. I couldn’t even get through a 20 minute cycle, I threw up because it made me so loopy. My friend gave me tips with ayurvedic treatment, within 3 weeks it’s gone.
    THis device is NOT worth the money. And the customer care is one of the worst I’ve ever encountered. Take the power back to you and learn about ayurveda and meditation, especially if you have any physical problems, diseases, Dr Joe Dispenza is the man!

  12. I love my Healy and personally have had great results with as have patients that I have worked with. It is better if someone who is trained helps you use it. It is not made to be a be all, end all in health care it is made to be integrated in practices you are already including in your daily routine.

    Please note that I do not participate in the MLM aspect of it nor do I charge my patients to use it when I incorporate it into their treatments so I have nothing to gain in leaving this positive review.

  13. I purchased the Healy and it made my pain worse. I bought it for 1/2 price at $470.00 and they will not refund my money. Elevated Life is a SCAM. The Healy is a SCAM. Do not but it, you are wasting your money.

    1. Hello Michelle! Thank you for sharing your experience with us and visiting our site. Together we can keep each other protected and alert from the scams. Take Care!

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