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Hello Cute Dolls Com Reviews [April] – Read Before Giving Order!

Hello Cute Dolls Com Reviews [April] – Read Before Giving Order! >> Order anything from this website, only after reading reviews about it. Read here about its services, products and customer feedbacks.

Online sites permit everybody to purchase items online without moving anywhere. There are loads of online stores that will empower open the money on the conveyance, which is likewise unique of trust that in the wake of getting the item, the client will pay. In any case, imagine a scenario in which you didn’t get any item when you bought the item using a credit card? There are sure deceives that you can give a shot to be protected from phoney and safe from malicious sites.

The article is comprised of hello cute dolls com reviews because there is loads of disarray upon it. The site is from the United States as it is noticed on its website. It is an online store that sells various items, all the things accessible in this at a low cost. Online store frequently runs a path offers and limits to drive more traffic over their site. The technique, more often than not, another site does.

Be that as it may, out of not many, the vast majority of the new sites are either do fraud or either give a lousy quality item. There is a ton of distinction between the item in the image and the item you got. Thus, a keen purchaser ought to consistently discover all the truth of the site.

Time to time, the government gives guidelines and aware of how to stay safe from the fraudulent website. The fake site must be banned from the server because there are several people who all are unaware of the latest tricks adopted by the scammers.

What is hellocutedolls.com?

Hellocutedolls.com is an online shop which sells kids products, filter masks, UV sterilization lamp, digital thermometer, cordless beard comb, darkening shampoo bar for women, makeup brush, defrost tray. They have more than thousands of varieties of baby products, and other daily use products with different colours, sizes, and designs. They also sell other products like hips trainer to give perfect shape to your hips, UV disinfection sticks, and many products.

The site is additionally permitting you to return the item inside 13 days. So if you feel that the item isn’t you to you and you need to restore the item, you can bring it back. You will get free delivery from hellocutedolls.com if you buy over $30. 

Every one of these items is accessible at a low value; you will get a level 30% markdown on all items. The delivery charges are as per the zones and local people if the item cost is beneath $30, they acknowledge sending everywhere. The site is likewise giving their client to win and get more limits; they additionally have offshoot programs.

According to our research, we rectify the website on all aspects like the google URL server. We didn’t find any suspicious activities by the site; it is also too early to comment on any negative or positive about the website because it is new. The domain name is not proper, and the social media account is only available on Facebook. They don’t have enough hello cute dolls com reviews, so the customer shouldn’t involve in such a new type of website.

Features and Benefits (Pros and cons of hellocutedolls.com)

Pros of hellocutedolls.com

  • The website has many options on products, their colour, size and design
  • They are selling the products at a low price; the other site is not offering this much
  • The company is giving a flat 30% discount on many products
  • If you purchase the product over $30, then you will get free shipping no matter wherever is your delivery destination.
  • You can return the product if you don’t like as hellocutedolls is giving 30 days of return time to all the customers.

Cons of hellocutedolls.com

  • Website is new, and we didn’t find any customer reviews so that to evaluate the legitimacy of the website
  • Website is not showing their owner details, their official address, and this is not good for marketing purposes.
  • The website does not have any customers, so a trust index score is low.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • Any harmed and hurt item won’t be acknowledged by hellocutedolls.com 
  • Hellocutedolls.com will not be mindful of the item lost are not convey 
  • When the product sold from the deal won’t be answered for trade or return
  • Items should be returned within 30 days if you received any damaged product


Hellocutedolls.com is a newly registered website, but they have not mentioned owner details, their official address, which is not good. But it is up to you how you take it.

0 thoughts on “Hello Cute Dolls Com Reviews [April] – Read Before Giving Order!

  1. I took the chance on a 19.50$ order and I tell you I’ve not received my item. They’re saying the order has been fulfilled. All this in a weeks time. Amazing how on the day I look to see where my order is, today 9th is the day they now say it’s been fulfilled. THIS SITE IS A SCAM AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID.

    1. I ordered 2 mask a month ago and haven’t received my 2 mask i got one message via text and one email saying it was shipped on the 12th . tracking doesn’t show where package is I sent numerous emails and no answer. I’m pissed ..smfh

      1. We ordered 3 masks for this covid-19 on April 2, 2020. I received a few days later that it shipped. I emailed them for them to credit our credit card and we haven’t received a response. Its now April 29th, 2020. We are so upset with these crooks. Shame on them. Don’t order anything from this company. They are scammers for sure. We hope they get caught asap.


        Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Campbell

        1. I order 2 masks over a month ago and paid extra for shipping and still have not received my order! I have emailed them numerous times. I received a response saying that my order would arrive in 1-2 days, that was 2 weeks ago. They were to be delivered through DHL. I contacted DHL and the told me the problem was with HCD and that they did not have my order. This company has taken so much $ from many people and I do not understand how it continues.

          1. Where are the 2 masks that I ordered from u?I ordered the masks in March.

        2. Same thing has happen to me ..tracking it says it is in LA since 5/8/2020 of course money was taking out right away

        3. How can such a website be allowed to Run? To take advantage of people especially during this time is unbelievable! I spent almost $70 on masks over 2 months ago but I never received. I to have sent several emails because of course there is no other way to reach out to them. And it’s not surprising that I have not received a response at all also not surprising that I to have received notifications that has been shipped. It is unbelievable that such a scam can be allowed!

      2. I ordered three masks on April 5th for $33.94. I have yet to hear from them or receive anything I will never order from any website on Facebook again . This is a scam!

      3. I also ordered two masks over 1 1/2 months ago and have not received. Appears to be a scam and I’m getting close to disputing the charge. I did send an email so we’ll see and I’ll give them a week to respond.

    2. I spent over $35 and still haven’t received my order. This was months ago. They have an email to contact them, but they never respond. Please don’t give them your money. This site should be taken down. There are several reviews on Facebook thru their site warning people because we have all gone thru the same thing.

    3. Same happened to me as everyone else. Ordered two masks over a month ago which I NEVER received and they do not answer to emails. IT’S A SCAM.

      1. This guys are scammers they only steal our money. I have been waiting 2 months for one mask. We should all report them.

    1. I ordered on March two face mask n sent them several emails no response n no mask it’s a scam n they should be reported in a time like this we really need those mask n not have enough money to purchase more I hope they can be reported before they get more people

  2. I ordered some mask from this site and still haven’t received them and it’s been over two weeks

  3. I’ve ordered from this site over 2 weeks ago and still have received items. They want even respond to emails. How can we get our money back?

  4. I placed an order back on April 5th and have yet to receive anything. No communication no nothing. This place is a joke and it took 50.00 of my money. Avoid at all costs

  5. I ordered maskks on March 5th, got a msg on the 13rh of March saying they were sent. This is March 21st, haven’t received anything!!! Do not order from here.

  6. I have been waiting about 18 days for the order which was to take 7-12 days, I believe this is a scam company and it should be investigated, please do not fall victim to this company, just don’t do it

  7. It is truly a shame that with what’s going on in the world people will sink to the levels that these guys have, please don’t fall victim like so many of us have

  8. I believe this is a SCAM SITE. As I too ordered a mask a month ago and never recieved anything or never heard of them. DO NOT USE THIS COIMPANY!

    1. I am not happy either. Obviously I will never see my order and I am out $35. What really bothers me is that I got this link from Facebook and ends up being a scam. FB clearly dropped the ball here and need to be more careful of who they allow to market their site. Completely pissed, ordered masks for my family to protect us all during this pandemic. The world is full of scumbags and Hello Cute Dolls is one.

  9. Waiting for my order Robin Stewart
    20 Booker Circle
    New Castle, De 19720
    4 mask one in each color

  10. I placed an order from here 4 weeks ago, its says order fulfilled but post office is still waiting for it, and they will not respond to any emails, SCAM AVOID AVOID AVOID

  11. I also ordered a mask on April 1 which I have not received. I have a tracking # from the company but when I put the tracking # in it provides “NO RESULTS”. I have written the company and not received a response. They do not post a phone #.

  12. I ordered mask from here on April 3 and it’s now the 27th of April still haven’t received my product. I emailed them and still nothing not even a response.

  13. This is a total scam! We ordered over a month ago and no product. Don’t order from these creeps!!!

  14. everyone call your bank and dispute it for your refund i ordered a month ago no answer no mask no tracking info…better business bureau report them…I will be calling my bank to dispute this shit …so sad I had to search for mask and pay alot of money..God dont like ugly put them on blast peopke

  15. Ordered 2 masked on April 3rd. Still haven’t received them and tracking shows it hasn’t arrived to shipper yet.

  16. I have ordered 2 masks on April 9th and still have not received it. I sent numerous emails and no response.

  17. Amen dont fall victim
    I also ordered 2 mask on April 2nd. I emailed them they sent me my tracking number and told me to submit it to track17. All I got was the order was somewhere in California pending whatever that means. How long does it have to pend?
    All I can do is sit home and cuss at myself for being so stupid. We all are going through enough right now without having to be taken advantage of. Hope someone nails them for this. I’m sorry that we all have to deal with it.Stay safe everyone, we just won’t do it with there so called masks.

    1. This guys are scammers they only steal our money. I have been waiting 2 months for one mask. We should all report them.

  18. I ordered 2 on 08 Apr and 6 more on 14 Apr and have not received any! I have emailed them quite a few times including an email requesting a refund….no response at all!!

  19. Bought 6 masks Apr 3. Received an emailed saying that my delivery date was Apr 13th. The tracking info shows nothing. It’s totally a scam.

  20. Ordered. Got a tracking number that said it was in Kentucky. Now the tracking number can’t be located. Sent numerous emails with no response.
    Buyer beware. These people are crooks.

    1. Where s my order # HCD 14889 from 1st of April you sent a tracking # and it says delivered I want my money back

  21. I ordered a face mask over 30 days ago and still haven’t received. This company is domiciled in China. I’ve asked for a refund with no response. I’m trying to get PayPal to issue a refund.

  22. I ordered my reusable filter masks on the 2nd of April. It is now the 11th of May. After going back and forth between this company and the USPS, it was determined by the USPS that they never actually received anything from “Hello Cute Dolls”. I’ve been trying to get my money back to I avail. Never EVER using this scam company again. I’m reporting them to the BBR!

  23. I ordered my masks April 5th and till this day have received my masks. Such scammers. This is so unfair to us all, especially right now when we need them.

  24. Where s my order # HCD 14889 from 1st of April you sent a tracking # and it says delivered I want my money back

  25. A total rip off. This is a fake site. They take your money and you will just have to deal with it. I have repeatedly reported them to Facebook, but for some reason they will not take this site down. Several people have lost money thru this site. I have tried to get my money back several times. They don’t answer and there is no other way to get a hold of them. Stay away from this site.

  26. I wish I had seen all these comments prior to ordering. I ordered four masks on April 6th (7 weeks a go) and still have not received my items, nor have I received an email since I was told that my shipment had been confirmed. What a shame! I will be disputing with Paypal as I usually use them for online purchases for this exact reason. Hopefully, I’ll l be able to get my money back. 😠

  27. I ordered on April 23 and just received today My 27. No instructions on how to put them together but at least I finally received them.

  28. We spent almost $40 and the masks took weeks longer than expected to arrive. When they finally did, they were much smaller than the pictures showed they would be. Not a single one is usable for anyone in my family because they are so small. I had no idea we were ordering something that would ship from China when we placed the order….that’s on me for not checking it out more thoroughly before placing my order. But where it showed express shipping, I was under the illusion it was being sent from somewhere local.

  29. I’ve went through like everyone else committ I orderd mine on April 3rd and tried to contact them with no response. I did finally recieved them today May 28th . Though I orderd 4 , 3 were fine but one was different it had no noes wire or whatever and no filter. I wrote them today see how long for a response.😷😷😷😷😡😡😡😡

  30. I placed an order for 4 masks on 04/05/2020, today is 05/29/2020 and I have yet to receive anything. They gave me a tracking number for the USPS. When I track that number, it says it was delivered to California ( I live in Georgia) on 05/03/2020.
    I am in a dispute with them through paypal but it is really ridiculous and I will NEVER again order anything from this HELLOCUTEDOLLS.COM again!!BUYER BEWARE IS ALL I CAN SAY!!

  31. It seems I am a victim of this same fraud that everyone else has been. Ordered 4 masks in March and it is June 16rh and still no masks. I have concluded they won’t be coming. Sent several emails about my order each time receiving the bogus it’s been shipped or delay due to COVID 19. Finally they just stopped responding. Don’t order from this company!!

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