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Herdle Wordle (March 2022) Guess The Song To Play!

The guide shares details about the new musical puzzle game, Herdle Wordle, attracting a large mass globally.

Puzzle games are the favorite time killer of many people Worldwide. But what if you get a chance to play a new puzzle game with a twist? Yes, a new puzzle game, Heardle, is launched where you have to guess the song instead of creating a word. 

The innovatively designed puzzle game helps you kill your leisure time and sharpen your brain. The game is free to play, and this world game platform has been visited by many people globally. 

However, before you jump into the platform to enjoy playing Herdle Wordle, you must learn some essential things about the game.  

What is Herdle?

Herdle is an online puzzle game for music lovers. It allows players to enjoy the game once in 24 hours. However, the correct term of the game is Heardle. But, many people were seen searching for the game using the term, Herdle, and Hurdle. But you must not get confused because whatever terms Worldwide players use, they will be redirected to the platform of Heardle Wordle.

The famous puzzle game, Wordle, inspires the puzzle game. The only difference is that you have to guess a song instead of a word.

How to Play Herdle or Heardle Wordle Game Online?

It is straightforward to start playing the game. As you launch the game on your PC, you have to click on the “Play” button to start the music. You can listen to the music as many times as you want until you recognize it. After listening to the music, you have to choose the title or artist of the song.

  • Guess today’s song by listening to the introduction
  • Skipped or incorrect guesses will unlock more music to guess
  • Guess the song in fewer attempts to score high

The score you secured in the Herdle Wordle game can be shared online via social media platforms. The results will illustrate the sequence of attempts without unveiling the results. It heightens the curiosity to unveil the song of the day and accept the challenges of other players. 

Different Tricks to Score High in the Game

Different helpful tricks can help you find the right song and score higher. Below are some of the tricks you must try while playing the Heardle Wordle Game.        

  • Listen to the music as many times as you can 
  • Create a couple of clues to solve the challenge in the remaining five attempts 
  • Each song is plucked randomly for the list of most-streamed music in the world  

If you run out of inspiration, seek the help of social networks for the correct answer. 


Herdle or Hurdle Wordle is the online, fun-filled puzzle game and the musical variant of famous Wordle. It is becoming the favorite time killer for many people. The game is engaging, and the challenges are incredible and help hone your skills and sharpen your problem-solving abilities. 

Herdle Wordle is the term that people use to search the real musical puzzle game, Hurdle Wordle.  Do you play the Heardle Wordle Online? Please share your experiences in the comment box.    

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