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Hero Academia Boku No 323 {Aug 2021} Checkout Details!

Hero Academia Boku No 323 {Aug 2021} Checkout Details! >> This article explains all the facts about an upcoming episode in a series.

Everyone has been anticipating what will happen next in Hero Academia and what part will Boku play. If you want to know all the information, such as the scenes, release date, spoilers, and storyline for Hero Academia Boku No 323, please read our article.

After the recent delay of this episode, people worldwide are getting more restless to know what it’s going to be all about. So today, we’ll find that out!

What is Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia, popularly known as Hero Academia Boku and Hero Academia, is a Superhero Manga Series originating from Japan. It is about a boy who has no superpowers, whereas most people around him do; however, he still wishes to become a superhero one day. This show has released five seasons airing 322 episodes, different adaptations and also movies. Hero Academia Boku No 323 is being searched by people worldwide because the show is top-rated, especially among the youth.

What is going on in Hero Academia Boku right now? 

  • Thirteen’s face was finally revealed for the first time.
  • The U.A. Barrier has also been activated, which is connected to Shiketsu High!
  • People protested against Izuku entering the school because they thought Tomura was after him.
  • Bakugo, before finally passing out in exhaustion, apologizes to Deku for everything that happened between them, admits to his inferiority complex and tells him to depend on his friends. This was the highlight of the episode and made everyone very emotional and also surprised.

All the details of Hero Academia Boku No 323:

Fans are very eager to watch the next episode of Hero Academia Boku. After Bakugo finally apologized to Deku, everyone wants to see how their friendship will go in the future. People are also curious about who in the cruel society will help the heroes and what role Endeavour will play in the story as his character is slowly being redeemed. 

Hence, we are now going to tell you all about the release.

Episode 323 was to be released on Sunday but has been delayed by a week, so it will release on 22nd August (coming Sunday), followed by the English version on 23rd August. The raw scans of Hero Academia Boku No 323 will come out between 18-19th August, and spoilers will be available the next day after the Japanese readers translate and spread them around the world.

These are the release timings on Sunday for different time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 9:00 A.M.
  • Central Time: 11 A.M.
  • Eastern Time: 12 P.M.
  • British Time: 5 P.M.


According to us, the next episode of Hero Academia Boku will be an exciting one with a lot of twists and turns as a lot of things are to be revealed, and the publishers delaying it has caused even more zeal around Hero Academia Boku No 323. Till then, you can also entertain yourself with the Game Version of My Hero Academia on Roblox, but do keep in mind that Not All Robux Generators are Safe!

Find out all about Hero Academia Boku by clicking here:


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