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Hessiange Com Reviews {April} Read, Understand, Decide?

Hessiange Com Reviews {April} Read, Understand, Decide? -> In this article, you get to know about an online home décor store.

Have you been looking for quirky home décor items? Check out Hessiange.

People in the United States have bought items from this website and have shared that they like the quality of the items.

Hessiange Com Reviews on the internet tell us that a lot of customers all over the globe have shared their views on this e-store. Although the reviews are mixed, somehow, we have managed to bring you a detailed review of this site. Why are negative reviews posted on the web pages? Is Hessiange Com scam?

Several websites are new into this market, and hence it takes some time for them to get into a position in the e-commerce market place. So does this mean that this e-store is genuine? Is Hessiange Com legit?

Let us find it out.

What is Hessiange?

Hessiange.com is an online website that offers indoor plants, indoor rugs, candle stands, etc. to the customers. You will also find some wall art pieces over here. These items can not only be used for decorating your home, but you can also use them at your office, for any shoots, or even for party décor.

You will read the websites’ specifications, pros, and cons soon.

Why is Hessiange popular?

We cannot say that this site is trendy, but yes, a lot of people are raving about it. The people in the United States have shared that they are getting these items of home décor at cheap prices but are of high quality.

They have said that the company is giving huge discounts and the shipping charge is also affordable. Many buyers have shared the pictures of keeping these décor items in homes, offices, study rooms, etc.

Specifications of is Hessiange Com:

  • Products available- Candleholders, wall arts, indoor rugs, etc.
  • Shipping time- 7-9 days
  • Delivery time- 3-7 days
  • Order processing time- 1-2 weeks
  • Cancellation/Refund- Available
  • Exchange- Not applicable
  • Mode of Payment- Online

Pros of Hessiange:

  • You get products at affordable rates
  • You can get a refund for items that you do not like
  • You get a tracking number so you can keep checking the date of delivery
  • The products are designed using premium material
  • The items won’t get damaged soon

Cons of is Hessiange:

  • The website lacks a lot of data
  • Only categories of a few products are mentioned but no items available
  • It allows only online payment
  • If you refuse to accept your order at the time of delivery, then you need to pay $5
  • Processing takes a lot of time

Are customers happy after buying furniture online?

When we depend on online customer reviews, a lot of times, the result ends up being too confusing. This is because different have different experiences, and they share what they have felt. Some of the reviews are just an over-reaction because of not receiving the expected item.

When we checked on some of the reviews on this website, we saw a lot of negative reviews with a few positive ones. Because there are positive reviews as well, we cannot doubt the authenticity of the website.

Customers have shared that the quality of the item is good, they received the delivery on time, and they are satisfied with the products. But some of the people are of the thought that the company cheated them.

As said, such reviews never help us conclude. Thus, it becomes imperative to consider several other factors that help us decide if any of such e-commerce sites are genuine or not. Networking is a crucial factor. Social media can help you determine the authenticity of a website.

Final Verdict

You will find home décor items on a lot of websites. And these sites are established for a long time now. How can you believe any new random website then? Some websites that are only meant to scam people do not add a lot of information about themselves. And the same goes for this site too.

With a lot of info missing on the site, specific categories also are not having items listed in them. This shows complete unprofessionalism. But because of the reviews available on the internet and as the payment is also accepted via PayPal, it becomes challenging to doubt any website.

Hence, we recommend our readers to try purchasing from this website only if you have heard positive reviews from someone you know. And unless and until you have checked on it, do not call any website spam.

0 thoughts on “Hessiange Com Reviews {April} Read, Understand, Decide?

  1. I ordered a Bissell Bolt vacuum from Hessiange back around March 13, 2020. I finally received the item, as it was left in my small mailbox. They shipped a pair of sunglasses….and the tracking number that I followed for 6 weeks, was from China. NOWHERE on the website, did it say anything about coming from another country, and take 6 weeks to arrive. I’m very disappointed, also, out of the money I spent, hoping to get a refund. I don’t want to wait 6 weeks longer, I will buy local.

  2. This site is a total scam. I ordered a microwave and got fack ray ban sunglasses. The contact address is for a house listed for sale in Washington State. I finally got my money back after countless emails back and forth full of BS. The money came back because I had paid with Pay Pal and they got the money for me. NOTHING about this site is legal. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

  3. Same thing happened to me. Bought a vacuum cleaner and received a fake pair of Raybans. Save your time and money! Stay AWAY if you value your money.

  4. If it sounds to good to be true , it is a scammer ! Ordered a car vac and paid via PayPal $58 on March 19.. Filed a complaint with PayPal after 6 weeks and still waiting for a resolution. Received a small envelope on May 26 with contents of 3 surgical face masks. Hessiange is an obvious scammer sending goods different than ordered to delay a PayPal resolution to return your money …Do Not USe ..Total Scam !

    Wish I had Googled them from the start ! Why don’t they get real jobs ?

  5. I bought a carpet cleaner and it took about 3 months to ship. When I received the package it was just a fake gucci wallet.

  6. Ordered a Bissell carpet cleaner back in March 2020. 3 months later received 5 masks and told the product was lost. Discovered via PayPal that there are 3 other websites handled by the same person. I , unfortunately , had dealings with all 3 . Quite a scam. Was able to reverse charges for all 3. Still getting an offer of a $55 refund which I have refused fearing this might effect the credit card reversal. Hessiange has processed a refund against my wishes. Yet to see the end of this.

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