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Hi Silky Scam or Legit: Check Store Reviews? What Is This Website? Check All Details Here!

The article gives details on the website, provides a report on Is Hi Silky Scam or Legit, and gives guidance to the customers on purchasing the products.

Do you know of a website that sells hair-removing tools? People from the United States and Canada are looking forward to the website to buy the tool for hassle-free daily usage. The crystal hair removal tool is simple and affordable and is very easy to use.

The article will explore all the hidden details of the website and answer whether Hi Silky Scam or LegitStay tuned to this post to know the details of the website.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned is true and they are genuine and extracted from online sources.

Read Website’s Legitimacy Features!

  • The domain was formed on 23 January, 2022.
  • The expiration date of the store is 23 January, 2023.
  • Some reviews are provided on the website.
  • The threat score as per the information is 13.
  • The malware and phishing score of the website is present.
  • The trust index of the score is 8%.
  • The Alexa details of the website is 1976460.

Hisilky Reviews 

The website has showcased mixed reviews by buyers; some say they are satisfied, while others are hugely disappointed with the product. The social media links are inactive, so we cannot find the reviews of people on those websites.

We will discuss the details of the website in the upcoming sections. Read further to know the specifications of the website.

What Is Hisilky?

Hisilky is a website that sells crystal tools for removing unwanted hairs. The product is made for everyone and they are made for easy usage. People are eager to use the tool.

Some have even used it but expressed that they are not fully satisfied with the product. Read on the features of the website to get complete information.

Details of the store

  • The email address of the website is info@hisilky.com.
  • The return address of the website is 30 days.
  • The products are delivered within 7-14 days.
  • People can get a refund within 30 days.

Advantages of the online website

  • The HTTPS connection seems valid.
  • The product is beneficial for people and they are happy to find it online.

Disadvantages on Hisilky Reviews

  • The website has missed contact information and we have no details.
  • People cannot trust the website due to its low trust score.
  • Inactive social links do not provide any information.

Social media links



The website sells a very useful product, but it has not received any genuine comments from the people, and they are unsatisfactory. We urge people to check the complete details of the website and then only purchase the product. Proper caution must be maintained before buying anything from the store.

Do you find this store a legit one? Please comment.

Hi Silky Scam or Legit-FAQs

Q1. Why is the website famous?

The website is famous for its hair removal tool.

Q2. In how many days does the website accept returns?

The website allows a 30 days period for return of the products.

Q3. What is the refund time period?

Refunds are done on the products within 30 days.

Q4. Is the website known on other social media websites?

Facebook, and Instagram are present, but they are inactive.

Q5. Are there any reviews mentioned by the buyers of the website?

The tool has received mixed reviews by the buyers on the website’s page.

Q6. Does the website deal in some other products?

The website is known to sell hair removal tools.

Q7. Is there any e-mail address mentioned on the website?

The email address given is info@hisilky.com.

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