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Hillorest Scam {April} – Is It Legit Or Not!

Hillorest Scam {April} – Is It Legit Or Not! >> Read to get the answer of this question! Know about Pros and Cons of using this online store and then decide.

Several online e-commerce stores sell multiple products like apparel, footwear, designer clothes, tools, and machines. So, if you want to buy items like headboards or designer nightstands for that, we would like to introduce online e-commerce store Hilorest com, but there are lots of confusion over the Hillorest scam, or is it a legit?

There are several fake websites available over the internet that will promise you to provide designer and fashionable products at an unbelievable price. If you compare that price from the market price, you will find it very low and affordable. But this attraction may also be a scam. Because they will do whatever it takes to make you fool.

There are many ways that a smart person can check whether the site is legit or not. You can also check it and at least get a relevant result of any site to mark down that which is a scam site or which is not. The first point you should notice for any website is that whether it is encrypted with http link or not, and the second point is that if the site has its domain server or not. From these two points, you can at least get an idea about the website.

What is Hillorest?

Hillorest is the online e-commerce store that has wide ranges of products like Night tables, simple Cabinets and filing cabinets, Headboards, desk, and chairs. If you visit the site, you will see the varieties of designer cabinets and headboards are available at a cheap price. There are several ranges of headboards available which is use to fix with the bed.

With the headboards, you can change the look of your old boring bed. The headboards are available in many different sizes. There are many ready made night lamp tables with different sizes and colors are available at affordable prices. Not only this, but the website is also offering free shipping if your purchase amount is more than $29.

They are taking orders from outside the border, which means you can purchase any product from anywhere around the world. One of the main things that is to point is that there is no verify address is available in the site of Hillorest, which is not a good sign. According to the address provided, the company is from the United State.

The social media presence of t he website is also zero, which means there is no attraction from the customer directly. If you rectify the site, they are offering products at low cost, and the same photo which they uploaded on their website is similar to many different websites. That means the pic of the product they are using is fake and raises the doubt Is Hillorest Legit or not.

According to the company’s policy, you can return the product if you receive the faulty product or any tempered product. The company will refund the customers amount within 20 days. Or you can re-order the product which you want.

Features and benefits (Pros and Cons)

On the basis of available Hillorest Reviews given by its customers, here are some advantages and cons of using this online store.

Pros of Hillorest

  • They have a wide range of products to decorate houses and offices
  • They have varieties of designer wooden headboards available, which you can attach it with your bed. The headboard will change the whole look of you bed. Size for King size and queen size bed is also available.
  • Company is providing free shipping if you place your order over $29.
  • They have a wide range of office and desk chairs.
  • You can cancel your order also before shipping.

Cons of Hillorest

  • The site is not encrypted with the http server.
  • They don’t have their domain like .com, .org, etc.
  • The site has no social media presence.
  • They don’t have any legit address to return the product, which is not a good sign.

Return and Exchange policy

  • The company will not accept any return of the product once the product is shipped. You have to inform before shipping to the customer care.
  • The company will take the product only if the fault is from the Hillorest Com Online store
  • If you provide the wrong address in the delivery section, the company is not responsible for any misplacing and loss of the product.
  • If you have not received the refund on the due date, then you can contact your bank and check if any refund amount is blocked or have any other issues.

Final Verdict

Information regarding this online store, we provided in this article is based on Hillorest Reviews and feedback provided by the customers. We also researched some of the essential points to find out about the legitimacy of the site. We in no means endorsing the website or defaming the website; it is up to you and your decision what you take.

0 thoughts on “Hillorest Scam {April} – Is It Legit Or Not!

  1. They are a scam.i ordered An item and received a different item. I filed a dispute with PayPal and they return in favor of the seller because the item was delivered Paypal decision was based solely on tracking info and does not know that I did that they delivered incorrect item A pair of fake rayban glasses. I ordered a keyboard controller. So this means that you can order something advertised on their side Knigge said something totally different if your fole case with PayPal you going to lose because it shows item delivered

  2. Yep, scam. They don’t have a physical presence in the USA at all, they are in China somewhere. I filed a dispute with Paypal and I’m waiting to hear back.

    I ordered the same used keyboard controller i think. I became suspicious immediately because the item remained for sale on their site after I had secured it.

    1. I purchased a classical guitar whose price was unbelievably low. Should have been my first clue. After one month I received a pair of Rayban sunglasses, probably knockoffs. The telephone number listed does not exist. Be very weary of these scam artists.

    2. This place is a total scam do not purchase anything from these people I made a purchase over three months ago still have not received the merchandise I paid for their telephone number is no good scam scam scam

  3. I purchased an Alesis Nitro Mesh drum kit for $69.95 USD that is sub $400. I received a pair of glasses and I have been fighting to get my PayPal for a while now. Hillorest.com and the seller is a scammer. I want my money back!!!!

    1. I ordered 2 different bass guitars 4 days apart. 1st@ 69.95 and 2nd@ 50.95. I received blue face masks in my first order and black face masks in my second order. It’s so not funny to get scammed. Those were supposed to be a graduation gift. I had to go online to the music store I knew of in town and ended up paying 400 bucks for one bass guitar with a case. I was able to pick it up 15 minutes later. I hated to pay so much more, but it was truly worth it to actually get a product.

  4. I agree with others who’ve left responses. I ordered an item but was sent paper face masks instead. With much communication with paypal I received a refund. The Hillorest website continues to show the item I ordered. I asked paypal to stop its payment service with this site. Major credit cards should also stop their service with this company. I think the admonition applies: if it’s too good (ie. price) to be true, it’s likely not to be true.

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