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Historic Castle in Budapest (August) Get True Details!

Historic Castle in Budapest (August) Get True Details! >> The glorious World Heritage site of Hungary does have the potential to blow your mind with its rich past stories.

How many world heritage sites have you visited? Well, you should visit each one of them if you get an opportunity. One historic castle among these sites is recently getting huge visitors from different countries like the United StatesCanadaUnited Kingdom and Australia.

The Capital city of Hungary has four castles, among which the most popular one is the Historic Castle in Budapest called Buda Castle.

Overview of Buda Castle

Hungary is a country with more than 300 castles. The most renowned one among these is the Buda Castle, situated in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The exact location of the castle is the southern part of an area called Castle Hill in the District 1 of Budapest.

This castle was built in the year 1265 and had a long and rich history behind it. The past name of this castle was the Royal Castle or the Royal Palace. It has been the royal residence of many Hungarian kings. In the later medieval period, this Historic Castle in Budapest was known as the largest gothic palace.

The original building was mostly destroyed during the Second World War. The current structure is a version that was rebuilt in the Baroque style of architecture between 1749 and 1769.

The oldest part of today’s palace is known as Stephen’s Tower. It was built by the Duke of Slavonia in the 14th century and is now named after him.

The building is the home of The Budapest History Museum and acts as The Hungarian National Gallery. In addition, this Historic Castle in Budapest is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Significance of World Heritage Site

A World Heritage Site is a particular area or landmark that has either historical or cultural or any other kind of significance. The World Heritage Sites are selected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO in short.

In order to be selected as one of these sites, the area or landmark has to be a unique one, and it should have a distinctive historical or geographical identity. Upon being a World Heritage Site, the place receives legal protection from UNESCO. The Historic Castle in Budapest received its tag of World Heritage Site in 1987.

The concept of World Heritage Sites started as a part of the world’s largest recognized cultural program on 16th November 1972. The objective is to protect the heritages that have a significant value for humanity. UNESCO has its own World Heritage committee of 21 elected member states to maintain the list of World Heritage Sites.


The Buda Castle is a perfect combination of architectural beauty and rich historical value and its recognition as one of the World Heritage Sites justifies this statement. We must protect places like this Historic Castle in Budapest so that the future generation can be acquainted with the history of mankind. Know more about this magnificent Castle in Budapest 

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