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Homelifetarget Reviews (July) Is The Site Scam Or Legit?

Homelifetarget Reviews (July) Is The Site Scam Or Legit? >> Please read this composition to know in detail about a recent website dealing with a wide variety of products, and its specifications and authenticity.  

Do you want a complete makeover of your household? Have you shifted to a new place and enjoy an entirely fresh collection of appliances for your kitchen? You want to try out a website called Homelifetarget, but are you doubtful about its legality? Then, read on to know about this portal in detail.

Please read this write-up to be apprised of the Homelifetarget Reviews, which the shoppers of the United States and other nations are eager to determine. 

About Homelifetarget

Homelifetarget is an e-commerce portal providing various products related to electronic goods, household, gaming, kitchen appliances, etc. Some of the items dealt with by this portal include Bluetooth wireless speakers, ice-cream makers, instant photo printers, scooters, vacuum cleaners, retro gaming consoles, etc. 


  • Type Of Portal – An electronic commerce website providing items related to numerous household, gaming, and electronics categories.
  • Portal Address – https://homelifetarget.com/ 
  • Contact Details – 320, N Clark Rd, Cedar Hill, TX-75104, United States (A significant answer to your question Is Homelifetarget Legit is that this address is not of the portal and belongs to some other retail property, as per our findings on the Internet). 
  • Contact Number – Not provided anywhere on the portal. 
  • E-mail Address – yelisey.umalatov@mail.ru 
  • Sort By And Filtering Options – We could not find this detail as the website is not operating.
  • Shipping, Return, and Payment Policies – We could not retrieve this data due to the site being non-functional. 
  • Payment Methods – The company accepts payments Via PayPal, Visa, and Master cards.


Please find the minimal good sides of this platform. 

  • The website has been padlocked with “https”, which denotes data security. However, regarding Homelifetarget Reviews, the information safety is not guaranteed always and may cause forgery of data provided by the customers. 
  • The design of the website is user-friendly and commendable.
  • Buyers can find a wide array of products on the website. 


Now, please read the disadvantages of this website that shall make you more aware of the variety of this portal.

  • The range of products provided by this portal is too broad and does not seem authentic. 
  • The prices of the items such as game cards are too low to believe. 
  • Harmful virus software was detected on this portal on 18 July 2021, as per the Internet. If you are looking for Homelifetarget Reviews, this is important to keep in mind as malware can damage and delete vital information from your system. 
  • The website address is not operational. As a result, we could not fetch essential information about this website, such as its shipping, delivery, return, or payment policy wordings. 
  • There are trust issues with this portal due to the absence of a contact number. Also, the fact that it is recently developed and there are no customer reviews about any of its products makes it difficult for the shoppers to rely on. 

Is Homelifetarget Legit

Please find the details that we found on the Net regarding the authenticity of this website. 

  • Portal Age – Less than a fortnight, with creation date 14 July 2021.
  • Portal Trust Score – 1%, which is a “Very Bad Trust Score”.
  • Contact Details Verification – The address provided is not corresponding to the website. Also, the e-mail address provided has a dubious domain. 
  • Absence Of Contact Information – There is no phone number where the customer can contact. 
  • Non-Operational Portal – The website is non-operational.
  • Social Media Linking – There is no connection between this website with any social media platform. Hence it is not possible to check the reviews of buyers. 

The above particulars do not satisfy the site’s trustworthiness and hence we consider it suspicious. 

Homelifetarget Reviews

There are no genuine reviews about this portal on leading review platforms such as Quora, Amazon, or Trustpilot. The website of Reddit does mention this website. However, it refers to a doubt raised by a customer regarding its legality, which is unanswered, owing to the probable infamy of this website. In case of any fraudulence, read how to Get Your Money-Back From Scammers to protect your assets. 

The Final Verdict

We request you refrain from this website as it is evident that this portal is illicit after examining the Homelifetarget Reviews on the Web. Please read about ice-cream makers  to find out its functioning. 

Were you ever a Victim of Credit Card Fraud? Please share with us your experiences in the comments section below to make the readers aware. 

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