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Homesportlive Reviews (Jan) Legit Or Scam? | Check Here!

Homesportlive Reviews (Jan) Legit Or Scam? | Check Here! >> This post will help you in understanding the authenticity of the online site that sells multiple products.

Are you searching for honest Homesportlive Reviews? If yes, then please read this post till the end. 

If you want to buy new furniture or appliances for your home, you should checkout the Homesportlive store’s collection as it holds a wide range of exclusive products. 

Today we will be telling you about one online site that sells multiple products like furniture, electronics, games, kitchen appliances, and several other household items. The site is registered in the United States and has big expansion plans. Moreover, the Homesportlive store is providing various discounting offers to its customers to increase its sell. But, we advise you to keep reading this post to learn about the website’s actual intentions. 

What is Homesportlive?

Considering the Homesportlive Reviews, Homesportlive is the recently founded online site that is registered in the United States on 4th January 2021. The store holds various products like household items, gaming consoles, furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, gadgets, etc. Furthermore, the Homesportlive store’s primary motive is to stand on top of the online market. For this reason, Homesportlive is also trying hard and making strategies to capture the large customer base. 

The site provides a massive discount on its entire collection where customers can save up to 90% off. Besides this, Homesportlive has divided its collection into four different categories to save its customers time. The store claims to sell premium quality goods at the best competent prices. 

We have found some suspicious points regarding the site that we have state below in these Homesportlive Reviews so, stay tuned and keep reading. 

What are the Specifications of the Homesportlive?

  • Homesportlive website URL- https://homesportlive.com/
  • Domain creation date- 4th January 2021
  • Products- electronics, household, kitchen appliance, etc 
  • Company official address- 930 W 410 N St, Lindon, UT 84042, United States
  • Helpdesk contact number– +18017684661
  • Helpdesk mail address– support@homesportlive.com
  • Newsletter- subscribe to its newsletter and get exclusive gifts. 
  • Discount and offers- available 
  • Order cancellation- not specified 
  • Order history- not specified 
  • Payment mode-VISA, Stripe, MasterCard, DISCOVER, American Express, and Paypal, as per the Homesportlive Reviews 
  • Warranty/guaranty- Not specified 
  • Tracking link- Not specified 
  • Return or exchange of item- within 30 days 
  • Refund-within 5-10 business days 
  • Estimated delivery charges – No shipping charges applicable 
  • Shipping period- 3-5 business days only 

What are the Benefits of Shopping from Homesportlive?

  • It holds complete contact information of the company like email address, official address, and telephone number.
  • It is providing 90% flat off on its entire collection.
  • It holds multiple products under a single roof.
  • It is not taking any shipping cost.
  • You can get an exclusive discount and gifts on the subscription to its newsletter.
  • It is having 30 days return policy, and the refund amount gets credit into your account within 5-10 business days.
  • The presence of the email server is a good sign.

What are the Drawbacks of Shopping from Homesportlive?

  • We have found negative Homesportlive Reviews from the online portals.
  • It is only a day old website as it is created on 4th January 2021.
  • The index score of the website is found 1% only.
  • It has an unattractive user interface. 
  • The contact available on the website is might copied.
  • It has mentioned invalid social media links on the website.
  • There is no relevant search results and information present on the network regarding the Homesportlive store.

Is Homesportlive Legit?

Homesportlive is the recently founded online store that sells multiple products. The site has brilliant marketing strategies to attract customers. Moreover, the site is too new as its domain creation date is 4th January 2021. We have found negative customer reviews on the internet, and the site does not hold any relevant information on it. 

Hence, we can’t trust the site as it is only a one-day-old website. 

What is the buyer’s Homesportlive Reviews?

The website does not hold any customer reviews on it. Still, from the internet, we have found some shopper’s feedback where they have mentioned that the site is entirely scam and the information present on it is also invalid. Therefore, as per the reviews, the site does not seem reliable to us.

Bottom Line

It is a fact that Homesportlive is the one-day-old website. But it is also true that it does not have any substantial evidence to prove its legitimacy. Moreover, we have received negative reviews for this website. In contrast, we can’t judge the site’s legitimacy because it is too new to reach any decision. 

As per our opinion, we do not recommend shopping from this site due to all the above reasons. Please post your opinions in the comment section of these Homesportlive Reviews.

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