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Homethings Review [May 2021] Is it a Scam Website?

Homethings Review [May 2021] Is it a Scam Website? >> Do you want to shop for environment-friendly cleaning sprays for your homes? Then, read the article that introduces you to the store selling such items.

Do your items of home are filled with layers of dirt? Do ordinary cleaners are not able to clean up your goods? Then, let’s get a solution to this problem by knowing about Homethings store that makes sprays for cleaning your home. 

In countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland, people search for non-toxic cleaning products but finding a store that offers such items, and good customer service is challenging.

Let’s focus on grabbing details, features, pros, and cons of the store so you can shop the best cleaning sprays for your homes. We will explore Homethings Review, so stay connected with us.

What is Homethings?

It is a store presenting products that can help us in cleaning our homes. From glasses of your windows to cleaning out your dirty outfits, the store shares its collection of products for the buyers. The well-organized cleaning kits are available that can help you in making your homes neat and tidy.

Every product has been described well with its usage, so buyers can’t face any difficulty in using their offerings. The best part of using Homethings products is that their sprays are reusable. By washing the bottle with lukewarm water, we can refill it. 

Is Homethings Legit? Well, you must focus on knowing more features to get the correct answer.

Alerting the people about the degradation in the environment, the company has brought down non-toxic sprays that are different from the ordinary ones, which use more water content.

Specifications of Homethings

  • URLhttps://gethomethings.com/
  • Type of site – the portal shares items that can help in cleaning the home.
  • Email id for contacting – hello@gethomethings.com
  • Delivery timing – 2-3 business days
  • Return policy – make your returns and exchanges within 14 days
  • Refunds – the company claims to give a 100% money-back guarantee 
  • Payments modes – Amex, Google Pay, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal If you are facing some issues in getting your refunds from PayPal, read here.

Pros of Homethings

  • Homethings Review is given by the buyers on Facebook.
  • The website is popular on different social media platforms. The icons on the main page redirect us to the account.
  • The email address shared by the company seems valid as the name of the domain is available.
  • The store is rated with good ratings, which is a positive sign.
  • The domain was registered in 2019. Moreover, the store has long-term registration.

Cons of Homethings

  • Contact number and address is not shared.
  • WHOIS data is hidden.

Is Homethings Legit?

We must be fully aware of every factor of the store that defines if the store is reliable or not.

  • The domain age of the store is old as it was registered on 7 October 2019. 
  • The site has shown its presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well.
  • The company has briefly described the product details for the ease of customers.
  • Scam adviser shows a trust score of 76%, and it’s safe to buy products.
  • The about us page shares a lot of details about the company’s establishment and its success.
  • Customers have shared their comments on social media.
  • The website uses a safe and valid connection.

Looking at all the points, we consider the store to be trustworthy.

What is Homethings Review?

After glancing that the store has many positive signs, you might be interested in knowing what customers think about the store’s products. Isn’t it?

People are in love with the cleaning sprays and appreciate the fast customer service of the store. The company is successful in satisfying its buyers with eco-friendly products.

The bathing tablets have a nice fragrance. Moreover, the products work amazingly, and customers are putting their efforts into saving the environment by purchasing non-toxic bottles.

Homethings Review clearly shows that customers are happy to trust the services of the website.


Wrapping today’s article, we pin-pointed all the details of Homethings. We suggest you try the amazing cleaning kits and sprays of the store and take a step ahead to conserve our environment.

If your refunds are pending, then read here to see some easy methods to get your money back through credit cards.

What type of cleansing items you often use to clean your homes? Comment and share your answers with us.

We hope by going through the content, you get well-known with Homethings Review.


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