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Honevin Reviews [July] Is It a Possible Scam Site?

Honevin Reviews [July] Is It a Possible Scam Site? -> In this article, you will read about the legitimacy of a website that sells baby backpacks at reasonable prices.

Kids are fond of backpacks, aren’t they? Well, the Honevin Reviews will take guide you through the website where you can find backpacks for your kids.

Many websites are there that sell differentiated products while others focus majorly on one product type. Honevin is one such website that focuses on backpacks for kids. 

They do not allow kids to buy and insist that adults make the purchase. They have over 50 backpacks that they tend to deliver all over the world, including the United States.

This website is new to the online market and is building its place there. Therefore, it is wiser to know about this site in detail before placing an order with them.

What is Honevin?

This company is built with a thought of lending a hand and creating a difference in this world. As per the Honevin Reviews, they are here to change the world by helping the kids reach their potential and providing them with better educational opportunities.

They began selling backpacks since 2011 at affordable prices. For every bag they sell, they donate a supply-filled school bag to a kid who needs it. They follow a ‘One Here, One There’ program. They have donated thousands of bags over the past few years.

This company is an idea of a person who wanted to do something that would leave a lasting impact. Let us now check the specifications of this website for further reliability.

Specifications of Honevin

  • Website URL:https://honevin.com/
  • Website type: A website that sells backpacks 
  • Shipping time:Not mentioned on the website 
  • Delivery time:Not stated on the website 
  • Shipping cost: Missing information 
  • Return/ Exchange:Not informed on the website 
  • Refund: this information is missing
  • Cancellation: No information about it
  • Address of the company: Missing from the website 
  • Contact Number:Not specified on the website 
  • Email address:TEST@BAIDU.COM
  • Mode of Payment:

Who is this website for

Honevin Reviews reveal that this website is for those who want to buy backpacks for their kids. There are a variety of backpacks on this page at affordable prices. 

But before engaging with them, let us first make you aware of their pros and cons hereunder.

Pros of Honevin

  • The website is SSL certified.
  • They have a variety of backpacks.
  • The prices are affordable.

Cons of Honevin

  • The website does not specify any contact number and address.
  • There are no customer reviews.
  • The links to any social networking sites are missing.

What are the reviews about this website 

As of now, there are no reviews about the website. But the About Us page delivers a story that sounds true to the ears.

This page is a foundation of a person who wants to leave a positive impact on this world by helping the needy kids in the educational field. The website has also inserted a few pictures of the founder.

On the other hand, their policies state that anyone who feels like ordering from their website can place an order by filling a form available on their page or by calling them. 

But, they have not provided any contact number for the same. There is just an email address for the customers to contact them.

Also, there are no links to any of their social networking sites. Neither have they stated the necessary details about the shipping and delivery of the products. It is difficult to estimate where they are operating.

The readers are advised to dig deep into the websites they shop with before investing their money in placing any orders. 


This website is a contribution of a person to the world. He wants to create a difference by providing supplies and school bags to the kids who need it. 

Honevin Reviews say the website seems new, but according to the About Us page, their business seems old enough. The only information about the company is the name of the co-founder, Luis Garcia.

The above-mentioned details exclaim that the cause behind this website is legit, but we cannot say the same about it, and we do not recommend it to our readers for now. 

This website seems to be under development as there are a lot of vital information missing from the site. However, we have provided enough details for anyone to make a wise decision. 

Have you heard about them or placed any order with them yet? Kindly share your views in the comments section below.

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