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Honsrd Website Reviews [April] Is This One A Legit Site?

Honsrd Website Reviews [April] Is This One A Legit Site? >> If you are also thinking this same question, you will get answer in this review post. Read it now to know about pros and cons of using this website. Then, think about making an order here!

In today’s scenario, where there is a trend towards online shopping, then it becomes mandatory to know about the reviews of all the online shopping stores and to have the verdict of an expert. This is because a number of fake online stores are increasing day-by-day, and people’s hard-earned money is at stake.

In this post about Honsrd Website Reviews, we would give you detailed information about the store and whether it is a scam or a legit store? We will give you an idea about whether you should make online purchase from this store or not? We will answer your questions through this review post.

About Honsrd

The Honsrd website is an online store that offers electric motocross bikes, inflatable waterslides, bounce houses, slide bouncers, kids’ castle jumpers, swimming pools, and cages. The other websites of Honsrd are:

  • jkowater.com
  • nvaoppo.store
  • bookskx.com
  • rooftop1.com
  • shyings.com

If we have given a look at all the above-mentioned websites, then it is found that the design & construction of all the websites are the same. The products which these websites are offering are also the same. All these websites are sharing the same brand name, i.e., HONSRD. This online store is gaining popularity amongst the masses, especially in the United States.

How does Honsrd Work?

Honsrd offers all its products at huge discounts, which is attracting the people very much, especially in the United States. They are claiming that they offer free shipping, but when we click on the “Shipping Information” button, then it redirects us to the home page. Some of the shipping information is mentioned in the FAQ section, where in, it is mentioned to how to check your order status? 

They have also mentioned connecting through phone or email, but there is no phone number mentioned on the website. Also, for the email, a very general email address: emilythompson1120@gmail.com  is mentioned, in spite of any professional email id. No other contact details are mentioned on the website. 

Negative Points of Honsrd

  • 6 Websites: This becomes a point of worrying when it is found from other Honsrd Webiste Reviews, that Honsrd, under the single brand name, has six websites, offering the same products. All the websites are available with the same content, construction, and design.
  • About Us Section: There is no detailed information given about the founders and about the company on the website. It is found from other Honsrd Website Reviews, that all the content mentioned in About Us section is plagiarized. They have copied and pasted all the material in the About Us section, and there is nothing meaningful mentioned. You can check it yourself also from any plagiarism checker tool.
  • No Social Media Presence: There is no presence of social media buttons on the website; means there is no social media presence, which is also a matter of concern in today’s scenario of online presence.
  • No Review Section: There is any review section available to review the products for those who buy the products from this online store.
  • Contact Us Section: In the Contact Us section, there is not any physical address mentioned, and also the email id that is mentioned is very general. But if we go to about Intellectual-Property Rights, it is mentioned that this email id is only for the legal concerns and intellectual property rights. Other requests may not get a response. If this mail id is only for intellectual property rights and legal issues, then what is the purpose of mentioning it in the Contact Us section by writing that you can contact us for any concerns or questions at the above mentioned email id.? This also worries us. Also there is no Contact Number given in the Contact Us Section.
  • Design of the Website: The design of the website is also not very attractive & creative. If we click on the All Products button, then the message appears: “No products were found matching your section”.

Final Verdict on Honsrd

As per the Honsrd Website Reviews, it is found that it is the highly suspicious website to make online purchases. A lot of people are falling for it because it uses different websites to sell and market their products on high discounts. You must tread carefully while making a purchase at this online store.

It is recommended to all the online clients to avoid the usage of untrustworthy websites and must go through all the reviews before buying the products online. Kindly let us know what you think about this review post by leaving your remark.

0 thoughts on “Honsrd Website Reviews [April] Is This One A Legit Site?

  1. I feel stupid now because I bought the chair for around $70, thinking I got a hell of a deal. Should’ve known by the shipping, that by being free was better than paying to be shipped, it was fake. I guess I will find out for sure by April 26th. Shipping said 10-15 days and I ordered on the 11th. Asked for my email and never received a confirmation or receipt.

    1. Same here – placed an order a few days ago and I have no email confirmation – guess me too ( like Jeremy ) will have to wait & see , should get the order in 14 days ….

        1. It’s been about a month and half for my water slide I still
          Haven’t gotten it nor a email confirmation and to top it all off when I tried to dispute it cash app favored with the merchant so there goes my $80 I’m pissed

    2. i ordered a bounce house for $67.99 free shipping..i feel stupid too because i got this site from my phone and thought this is a hell of a deal.. i guess i will wait my 15 days if lt is lidgit hope i still get my product..

    3. I ordered $90.00 worth of stuff from the site right before they changed the name , it was march 26th when I placed my order and I still havent received what I ordered. It was supposed to be here in 15-21 days and I have not received anything from them and Netspend wont do anything to help even though I disputed the charges. Ordering from this site just gets you robbed and leaves you out of the money you spent and you’ll end up having to cancel your card and maybe even tour account like I did. It’s a scam. Dont fall for it!

    4. Same here am waiting for my chair schedule to arrive on April 29th. They ask for email but never received any confirmation about my order.

  2. Damm that’s how Iam feeling I pay for 3-5 days it’s been 8 days never got the email or nothing smh I got got🙏🏿

  3. This website did the same exact thing to me I just ordered it also on the 12th a hot tub for 100 bucks never received a confirmation email tried to look at the website again and it’s under construction I will not load still cannot find a contact number or a number for customer service are disputed the charges with my bank I need answers!

    1. I want to know how to get my money back. I got a receipt or confirmation with an order number (22501) with an order date of 4/8/20. This is obscured how people are taking advantage when all they want is a good deal. With this information I may see a lawyer about this website

  4. Join the club! At least you are only out $70!
    I placed an order for $200!
    All I have is a screen shot of my “confirmation” number!

  5. I guess I’m one more added to the list…. I ordered a hardtop Gazebo at $89, shipping included…. The thing I’m trying to find a way to create an account for this site and I can’t find the way to do it…. because I thought that I might be able to get a tracking number for the shipping product with the confirmation or order number, I guess like everybody above I have to wait for the product to arrive if it does…. Let’s cross our fingers that we all get our products.

  6. I order a waterslide on sale 78.99 supposedly and i felt for it too. I should of read comments on facebook first or look up anything about that supposedly company . Well i called my bank told them hopefully i get back my money takes 10 buisness days. Cause that is a SCAM!!! Reported it to facebook as well .

  7. SCAM I ordered a patio set and hubby order a pool over a week ago suppose to be here within 5-7 days no confirmation and no items so upset someone needs to shut these sites down….

  8. I just did the same thing today bought a chair for my home Office for $70 plus I paid 25$ for shipping… however I got the link off of Facebook to go through and buy the chair so social media is allowing theses posts online!!! Gonna call my Credit Card company and get it dealt with cause my guess is nothing is going to show up

  9. Has anyone actually gotten anything from them? Also, if I use PayPal to pay, I should be covered if the item doesn’t show up, I hope. Waiting to hear if anyone has actually gotten anything from them. Thank you

  10. I ordered something April 7. Paid for 3-7 day shipping &and all I have is a confirmation on my phone from a screenshot. No email

  11. Same. We ordered a chicken coop on Thursday. I paid extra for expedited shipping like a dummy. It never sent me an email confirmation but took my money out of my account. It doesn’t give you an option to setup an account. I took a screen shot of my order confirmation but there is only what appears to be a bogus email to make contact emilythompson1120@gmail.com. I should have known better bc the price of what I was ordering seemed too good to be true.

  12. I just got an ad on Facebook for a store called Belong that is offering huge discounts and has the same email address.
    Beware “Belong” . Site is alot of pet stuff, clothes/shoes and livestock products.

  13. on April 19th I ordered a 10by13 aluminim frame gazebo order #32071 and haven’t received it yet and cant find it on line any where

  14. I ordered 2 gaming chairs from “Belong” or “Bookskx.com” and I got no email confirmation so I looked into it and the “belong” website is GONE! So yes it’s a scam. Call your card or bank info to cancel A.S.A.P. this is some BS. WTF

    1. I ordered a gazebo back in March and still no delivery or contact response.
      Starting to wonder like the rest of you if this is legit,
      Tough even leaving this comment

  15. I ordered my patio furniture over a month ago t sets at that and I have nothing yet. WHERE IS MY PATIO FURNITURE!

  16. I ordered a bounce house and a hot tub, $156 total and have received nothing. I also screenshot my order number, but it doesn’t do any good because there’s no number to call. Definitely a SCAM!

  17. I ordered a gazebo back in March and still no delivery or contact response.
    Starting to wonder like the rest of you if this is legit,

  18. I ordered a gazebo on 7 april 2020 and i never received it.I’m starting to wonder if it is legal

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