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Hopper Bottom Trailers: 5 Common Uses

Hopper Bottom Trailers: 5 Common Uses >> When transporting bulk cargo, using trailers is one of the most effective and commonly used methods. 

However, there are different types of trailers, all tailored to transport different types of cargo, which is why you should carefully decide the type of trailer you want to use.

What Are Hopper Bottom Trailers?

Hopper bottom trailers are the type of trailers that you haul using a semi-tractor. They come with a rolling tap installed on top of the trailer, making it easy to load the cargo and protecting the cargo from weather conditions, damage, and other environmental hazards.

They also have two hoppers at the bottom of the trailer, which the loaders use to offload the cargo. 

One hopper services the front half of the trailer, and the other is for the rear half. The loaders control the hoppers’ output using a sliding plate at the hoppers’ base that is controlled by a crank handle.

How To Use Hopper Bottom Trailers

Hopper bottom trailers come in different styles, and people can use them for:

Grain transport

As explained by the experts at Hale Trailer, transporting loose grain, nuts, and legumes is one of the major uses of a hopper bottom trailer. The people loading the trailer can pour the grain into the trailer via a big spigot.

The trailer comes with a cover on the inside that will protect the grains from damage. Once the trailer gets to the destination, the loaders just open the hoppers, and the grain pours out.

One of the main advantages and reasons why people use hopper bottom trailers to transport grains is that once they start offloading, they can close the hoppers whenever they deliver the amount they were supposed to deliver.

Soil delivery

Soil delivery is also another task made easier and fun when using a hopper bottom trailer. That is because the driver drives the trailer until the hopper is above the exact spot where the soil is needed, for example, a hole that needs filling.

Not only is the process fast, but it is also neat and precise. They can also evenly spread the soil over a large piece of land that needs leveling.

Rock and pebble delivery

If you want to deliver pebbles and rock to different locations or make several piles on the same field, a hopper bottom trailer is the best trailer you can use. 

The rolling tarp on the top also helps prevent the rocks and pebbles from flying off the trailer as you drive, even on a rough road.

Land reclamation work

People mostly use sand and rocks to reclaim land by filling in gaps on the land near water. If you are dealing with several gaps apart from each other, you can have the hopper bottom trailer pour the sand and rocks on those gaps.

You can also use it to make a strip of coastline using rocks. The main advantage is that the hopper bottom trailer is precise.

Fertilizer delivery

If you want to deliver fertilizer that is not in bags, a hopper bottom trailer is the best. You can place large containers under the trailer that you want to fill with fertilizer.

One of the main advantages is that loading a hopper bottom trailer is easy and time-efficient because you only need to roll over the tarp at the top. According to Hale Trailer, if you have more bulky cargo like poles, you can use flatbed trailer rentals.

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