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Hottest Bad Bunny Collaborations We Hope to See During the USA Tour

Hottest Bad Bunny Collaborations During the USA Tour: Bad Bunnyis on a USA tour after he launched the album “Un Verano Sin Ti.” During his career, he released hot collaborations with co-stars like Drake, Cardi B, Rosalia, J Balvin,- Daddy Yankee , and many others.

Some performers are claimed to participate in live concerts during August, including  Diplo  and  Alesso . No other collaborators are confirmed for now, but we are sure that if Cardi B or J Balvin comes to perform, the Bad Bunny front row tickets price will significantly rise due to the enormous demand.

Do you have any favorite Bad Bunny duet or collaboration?

Here are our favorites:

1. “La Noche de Anoche,” with Rosalia

“La Noche de Anoche” was a special release for Valentine’s Day in 2021. Bad Bunny and Rosalia released a passionate video for this song. The audience and critics loved this song, and it received massive success on the streaming platform.

Rosalia already appeared with Bad Bunny during some performances, and we are sure the audience will go crazy if they sing the song together during the USA tour.

2. “I Like It” – Cardi B ft. Bad Bunny and J Balvin

This is actually Cardi B’s song, but Bad Bunny’s contribution is pretty significant. Together with J Balvin, they gave the song a fresh and classy sound, creating one of the most unforgettable music collaborations for 2018.

They also performed together at the American Music Awards, and we can say that the whole audience loved the unique Afro and Latino ingredients put in this song.

3. “Mia,” with Drake

“Mia” was the song that made all Drake fans fall in love with Bad Bunny. This is another exceptional collaboration between the Puertorican rapper and a huge world star.

Also, he motivated Drake to sing in Spanish, creating a solid bridge between the English language hip-hop songs, Spanish-language reggae, and Latino trap.

4. “Me Porto Bonito,” with  Chencho Corleone 

You won’t be able to stay calm from the beginning of “Me Porto Bonito” until the song’s end. It’s a combination of modern sounds and an old-school beach party melody.

You can easily love this collaboration and hope you will listen to it during the Bad Bunny tour in the USA.

5. “Te Guste” – J. Lo ft. Bad Bunny

“Te Guste” is a song by  Jennifer Lopez  featuring Bad Bunny as a supporting artist. Many fans remember they were teasing the song and video for months before the song was released. J. Lo also sings in Spanish, but it was her video directing debut too.

This song is really popular, and we all want to see Jennifer Lopez as a surprise appearance during Bad Bunny’s live jams this summer.

6. “Andrea,” with Buscabulla

Bad Bunny sings about the harsh reality of women who’ve been victims of domestic violence in Latin America. He and  Buscabulla  created such a masterpiece with a strong and awakening message to all the women in the world.

Once a member of Buscabulla said that even though it was too challenging to work on this project, they are happy to send this “love letter” to all the women who need support.

7. “La Romana,” with El Alfa

This is one of the best songs in Bad Bunny’s career. Their voices work perfectly together, creating an exceptional music hit that lifts your mood and makes you dance. 

Even the music video is excellent, receiving massive popularity among the fans of both artists. Who knows, maybe  El Alfa  will come to some of the concerts and sing this great piece of music together.

8. “Vuelve” – Daddy Yankee ft. Bad Bunny

Do you know that a ballad about a breakup can sound empowering? This song is a proof of that. Even though the lyrics are tragic, the music is really powerful. 

Daddy Yankee is one of the biggest Bad Bunny supporters, so we won’t be surprised if he comes as a guest star to some of the scheduled concerts. 

Bonus Collaboration: Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show 2020

Just a month before the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, Bad Bunny appeared on the 2020 NFL Halftime Show with  Shakira  and Jennifer Lopez. This performance is one of the best in recent years. Today, more than two years later, we realize how important it was because it happened in February 2020. A month later, the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, rescheduling and canceling many live performances by many artists.

Shakira and Jennifer were singing “I Like It” and “Callaita,” and his presence was more than expected. Even though this performance received labels as too explicit for the young viewers, we can say that the main headliners and the appearance of Bad Bunny made it legendary.

Bad Bunny has a lot of successful collaborations, and tickets are in high demand. He is one of the biggest music stars of today, who spreads important messages to the audience. Bad Bunny sings mainly in Spanish, but his music is loved all over the world. 

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