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How Did Flo Jo Die (July 2021) Let Us Find Out Here!

How Did Flo Jo Die (July 2021) Let Us Find Out Here! >> Read on to know more about this public figure and the circumstances that led to her tragic death.

We all know the story of the fastest runner in the world, Usain Bolt. No denying that he became the epitome of speed for everyone around the globe, be it the United States, Canada, Australiaand the United Kingdom

He has set a record that seemed impossible to shatter until Florence Delorez Griffith Joyner or Flo Jo became the fastest female sprinter in history that became the topic of wonder and some serious speculation. 

Therefore, let’s learn about this sports legend and talk about How Did Flo Jo Die.

About Florence D Griffith

Born to a simple family of electrician father Robert and a dressmaker mother, Florence Griffith, she was the seventh of 11 siblings. Florence was given her mother’s name; hence she had a pet name among family members “Dee Dee.” 

Early in life, her mother moved out with children to a housing complex in Los Angeles. Hence Florence grew up with her mother, whose influence could be seen in Florence’s love for fashion. 

Another fact about Florence is that she also had Cavernous hemangioma, a benign vascular tumor that could be congenital. It is essential information that will later explain How Did Flo Jo Die.

However, for early years this abnormality in the brain didn’t affect little Florence. Instead, she showed signs of her talent from the early stages of her life. During her elementary school years, she joined an organization called the Sugar Ray Robinson that would meet on weekends to run. By the age of 14, Florence has already bagged two Jesse Owens National Youth Games prize. 

Her Achievements 

The achievement story of the fastest woman athlete would not be short, but one cannot simply gloss over the achievements of Flo-Jo (as she was commonly known as). 

So, let’s shed light on some of her famous and groundbreaking achievements before knowing How Did Flo Jo Die

  • In 1984 she was qualified for Olympics. In the trials for the selection process, she banged the second-fastest time record and won a silver medal in the Olympics. 
  • After 1984 she took a break because of marriage but returned with a massive win in the 1987 World Championships held in Rome. 
  • The title of the fastest woman athlete came to her during the 1988 U.S. Olympic Trials. She stupefied everyone when she completed 100 meters sprint in just 10.49 seconds and then completed the 200-meter distance in 21.77 seconds. 

These were just the beginning of her legacy, and it was clear that there was no stopping this sprinting queen.  

How Did Flo Jo Die?

Once she got recognition as the fastest woman athlete, she was unstoppable. However, nothing deterred her until, in February 1989, she decided to retire. A few years after her retirement on 21 September 1998, Flo Jo passed away in her sleep due to suffocation during a severe seizure.  

Her seizures were due to her cavernous hemangioma. However, she did take treatments for her conditions for some time.


As a conclusion, Florence D Griffith was a legend in all sense in her field. However, it was never easy for her to overcome hurdles professionally or personally in terms of health. Yet, with determination and persistence, she constantly conquered people around her. She may have passed away suddenly and untimely, but she has left behind a strong legacy. 

What is your feeling on How Did Flo Jo Die? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below. To witness some of her unbeatable records, watch

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