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How Did Israel And Palestine Start Fighting (May) Read!

How Did Israel And Palestine Start Fighting (May) Read! >> This write-up contains the full information of Middle East conflicts, and the whole data is based on research. Know about the matter by reading the content.

The history of the Palestine and Israel fight started with Israel established in the mid-19th century. Till now, the conflict is going on between Jews and Palestine. Recently the news has been published mentioning airstrikes, and rocket launches from both Jews and Palentines occurred.

How Did Israel And Palestine Start Fighting? Netizens of the United Kingdom and the United States want to know the history of this conflict. So let’s start-

Recent Event of Palestine and Israel Conflict:

According to the news, Israel has responded with the hundreds of air attacks in the Gaza strip-till 12th May 2021 morning in reprisal of the several air attacks (rocket launches attack) by the Islamic group & other Palestine’s militants at Beersheba and Tel Aviv. As a result, 35 Palestine’s citizens that include 9 children, 5 Israelis, and one woman, have been dead due to these air attacks.  

Let’s know about the history of this conflict-

How Did Israel And Palestine Start Fighting?

In this section, we will provide you brief timeline overview of this conflict-

957 BC- King Solomon constructed the first temple at the early time of the Israelite kingdom.

590 BC- The constructed temple was entirely destroyed, and all the treasure was removed by ‘Nebuchadrezzar-II of Babylonia’ between 604BCE & 597 BCE. In 587 BCE, the temple was destroyed.

515 BC- After issuing rebuilding the temple in 538 BC, the construction of the second temple was finished in 515 BC. The building was conducted by the last 3 Jewish Prophets Malachi, Zechariah, and Haggai.

70 BC- Again, the second temple was also destroyed by Romans.

Post-World-War 1- During research on the history of ‘How Did Israel And Palestine Start Fighting,’ we found out after the First World War, Britain was mandated for Transjordan and Palestine (The territories including the present day’s Israel area, West Bank, Jordan, and Gaza Strip). At this time, Jewish immigration was growing significantly in Palestine, and Palestine-nationalism responded to this.

Post-World War 2- After ending the Second World War, in 1948, Britain raised its power over the Palestine area. Meanwhile, Jewish immigrants announced the formation of the ‘State of Israel,’ and an armed war started between both sides as Palestine’s citizens strictly objected to creating the State of Israel as a separate state.

1948- Following researching ‘How Did Israel And Palestine Start Fighting,’ we found, first Israel and Arab war occur, and around 700000 Palestine’s residents become refugees.

1956- The second conflict starts with the Suez Crisis.

1987- After the formation of the ‘Palestine Liberation Organization,’ Six days of wars occur.

1991- Israel does the first negotiation with Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

1995-2001- Famous leader of both sides is assassinated during this conflict.

2002-2015- Both sides attack each other, and many citizens of both Palestine and Israel is killed. Israel occupies West Bank.

2021- Investigation is going on after in the Israel-occupied Areas. Learn more about it by clicking.

Final Verdict:

How Did Israel And Palestine Start Fighting? The complete information is given as per the source and news and we are not connected to this news.

Do you have any questions? Please write below.

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