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How Did Johannes Vermeer Die (Nov) Know Exact Reason!

If you want to know How Did Johannes Vermeer Die after seeing him in all-over headlines. Read here. You will learn everything about the famous Dutch Artist.

Do you know who painted the most famous painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring? The painting has its name throughout the world, be it the United States or Canada.

However, even after being a great artist, many people forgot about the artist but not the paintings. In the Golden Age of Dutch, he was one of the greatest artists. Most importantly, many people don’t know about how he died. Do you know How Did Johannes Vermeer Die? If you have not read about it here, you must know about his life.

Journey Of Johannes Vermeer

With a middle-class life, Johannes specialized in domestic interior paintings. He was born in the period of Dutch Baroque, from October 1632 to December 1675, and he was not living a wealthy life even after making some incredible paintings. 

After his death, Johannes had left a huge debt for her wife and children. He died at the age of 43. But, why? After reading about him, most people wanted to know about How Did Johannes Vermeer Die. If you are also interested in knowing about it, keep reading the article. We have so much information about Johannes.

There was a specialty about Johannes. He was famous for his work and the use of light in it. He had some mastery in the light work. He worked with resilience and great care on his paintings. Not just that, he used very expensive pigments in his paintings. 

Why is Johannes in the headlines?

Even after his amazing work, his fame started fading away quickly after he died. But, no one knew How Did Johannes Vermeer Die? Keep reading till the end. You will know.

His name was omitted in the book of major sources of Dutch painters for Arnold Houbraken. But, in the 19th century, his paintings were rediscovered.

It took centuries to acknowledge being the best and greatest painters in the Golden Age of the Dutch. Although out of 66, only 35 paintings of Johannes survived till now. But, the exquisitely detailed paintings are still precious. Hence, on this 11th November, Google celebrated the 26th anniversary of his featured work in the National Gallery of Art.

How Did Johannes Vermeer Die?

Google to celebrate this excellent talent dedicated Johannes, a doodle with his mastered paintings with light and shadow.

According to the reports, it is said that due to the debts, Johannes fell into a depression which resulted in his plummeting health. And, he passed away on 16th December 1675.


In the final verdict, we must say the artist has passed away, but his paintings are still considered a symbol of his remembrance. Don’t forget to share your views on the article. 

We hope the article covered all the aspects of the most demanded question, How Did Johannes Vermeer Die?” Which is your favorite painting of Johannes? Comment Below – 

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